Monday Mobile

The Monday Mobile blog hop!

Today we had a relaxing sofa day, mostly because of the grizzly weather outside.. but we also had a power cut at 8am this morning. We lost all power, including the phone lines (home phone AND mobile!) It was like being in the dark ages and actually felt like the end of the world! (I know, I’m a drama queen 😉 ) It was traumatic 😛

That lasted til 10:30am, enough time to let my fridge go soggy and have the 2 year old screaming at me for Mickey Mouse!

So here we are at 5pm… still rocking the bed hair… still not dressed!


Photo Challenge!

We went to the lake today, I was equipped with Aaron’s camera so I could take some pictures of Rocket but Aaron then challenged me to take 30 or more photos I would be proud of (excluding Rocket!) and I count 32!. So here they are! Enjoy!