Halloween Me Linky Post!

The lovely (albeit a little scary looking 😉 ) Jenny from Mummy Mishaps thought it would be fun to play around with the new free Halloween tools on PicMonkey…. so here it is… me as a Vampire! 😀



The Make-Up Meme

I may be jumping the gun a little here but i’m unable to get online again properly for a bit and wanted to get my video up!

The lovely Jayne has started a meme for bloggers children to do their make up for them and to take a picture of the result. I decided a video would be funnier, so here it is *cringe*, my 2 and a half year old attacking my face with mascara 😉 enjoy!


I tag : @Mummydaddyme and


The Lack of Blogging…

Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to assure you that I am still here, just my laptop is currently out of full action as the screen has broken and i can’t afford to have it fixed right now.

I have a backlog of posts to do including the amazing visit we had to Center Parcs recently and as I have those photos on my iPad I will be blogging it very soon so keep and eye out for that.

We are all good over in this neck of the woods and Rocket is growing into a wonderfully loving young man (toddler) and I’m really excited by the fact he will carry out tasks from verbal instruction. He also comes to hold my hand and gives me the most fantastic hugs and it seems he knows when I need them!

Since the weather has been on the turn my joints and my HMS has been progressively worse and yesterday I was in town and once the pain had flooded my body it was like a snowball going downhill and that was it, had to come home and sleep it off.

Despite the pain the autumn brings I actually adore this season, I love the Autumn colours and hallo-ween and firework night but I think Rocket will enjoy it more next year as hes aware of the noises Halloween and fireworks bring but cant reason that they wont hurt him… so no dressing up around the toddler this year!

Tomorrow brings the start of my new diet, it’s a controversial subject so if you don’t have positive words to say then please don’t comment. I am doing this diet as its the last straw for me and there is no talking me out of it. Lighter-Life is the start of me getting my life back. 

Signing off for now but I hope to be back in the blogosphere regularly soon!

Take care everyone x


p.s the pictures are from Rockets first play with stickers on a friends letter! 🙂