Baker Days – Valentine’s cake review

With Valentines day coming up and b15of course it being Rockets 3rd birthday! It was the perfect time to review a cake from Baker Days. They sent us one of their popular ‘Letterbox’ cakes in the style ‘Superhero’.

The cake arrived in a cute little tin (which is handy even after the cake has gone!) and came with a mini tube of love hearts which I thought was a lovely touch.

We had submitted a photo of Rocket to put on the cake and also the words are personalisable and since Rocket is a valentines baby, we went with that!b13

At first sight I thought as the cake was small there wouldn’t be too much to it but once cut into portions (we got 8) you can get between 4-5 (as suggested on the website). We found that the bite size portions were just enough.

b11The cake itself was incredibly moist and very rich, we were all impressed with the taste and texture and Rocket stuffed his in the quickest!

I love that you can completely personalise a cake and send it as a gift to be received in the post! For £14.99 you get the personalised cake, cake tin, sweets and also free postage and packaging so I believe that it is a fair price to pay.

Overall it has been a great experience reviewing Baker Days Valentines cake and we will definetly be customers in the future!

You can find Baker Days on TWITTER, FACEBOOK and also their WEBSITE.