Review – 4little1 Sleepytime Wash

Winding down in the evenings can be a struggle for us here with Rocket being 2 and a half and definitely into the terrible twos! I find that he can be very wound up from the day and it seems to take him a while to settle.

A nice hot bath is usually how we get him to be sleepy and dozy and i’ve tried many different bubble baths etc suitable for little ones skin but I hadn’t actually settled on a body wash, I seem to change randomly dependant on mood.

I was sent the new Sleepytime Hair and Body Wash made by 4little1s and I was interested to see what it smelt like first and foremost! I do like what I use on Rockets hair to leave him smelling yummy and clean and this was is made ofย  Organic Lavender and Roman Chamomile. My first impressions were that it really did smell like proper lavender, not the synthetic smell that a lot of lavender hair products have. You could tell that this was good stuff (I do love the smell of fresh Lavender!)

The Sleepytime Hair and Body Wash goes on smoothly and works into a gentle lather, rather than bubbling up like other shampoos. Its so soft it actually felt like I was washing my hands through satin rather a head full of ginger (thick) hair!

It is completely safe for sensitive baby skin and is Free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals.

Each bottle contains around 300 pumps in 250mls.

I’m impressed and I love the fact that’s it’s a gentle holistic way of calmig down my little Rocket after a long day. I don’t know if its coincidence or not but he’s also been sleeping through the night!

You can find out more about the Sleepytime range HERE and follow 4little1 on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.




Review – Barbarossa Pirate Ship

We are very into Pirates in this household and it’s something that Rocket is being brought up with and he loves it just as much as mummy and daddy! There arn’t many pirate play things for the younger ones but we had a chance to review the Barbarossa Pirate Ship from Big Game Hunters Doll Houses Shop and it is a simply stunning older fashioned wooden toy.

It wasn’t long before Rocket and his wild developing imagination were sailing around the living room and shooting canons whilst getting up to mischief!

We have to keep a close eye on Rocket whilst he’s playing though as the age range is 3+ and of course, our little man is only 2 and a half! (thats not to say he doesn’t love it!)

The detail on the ship is beautiful, there are fabric sails with a skulls and swords motif on and working wind up anchor and a fully functioning trap door which makes the ship even more fun to play with.

I find the best thing is it’s beautifully displayed in our lounge whilst not being played with and is definitely an eye catcher when we have guests round!.

Daddy built it as I’m not too great with assembling things, but there’s easy to read instructions with the ship so that’s not a problem!

One small negative we found about the Barbarossa Pirate Ship was the mechanism for the canon, as its spring loaded if not used properly and carefully it can give you a nasty pinch, which we found out about as Rocket used it and it caused a bruise. On closer inspection it is possible that this could also happen to an adult too. We resolved this by taking the canon away (as it’s not fixed onto the ship it didn’t cause a problem.)

I love how it’s so sturdy and detailed! The ship is made from high quality and long lasting wood and you can certainly feel the quality.

We also were sent the Le Toy Van Pirates Budkins which I fell in love with! They are so quirky and I love the costume made out of fun bright colours and the detail that has gone into creating them! Rocket has had lots of fun having pretend battles and posing them onto the ship.

I know the Barbarossa Pirate Ship will be a well loved toy for many years for Rocket and I would recommend it for any little Pirate or Wench!

My Poor Neglected Blog!

Looking at my blog, I can see how i’ve neglected it in the past 6 months BIG TIME! lots of things have been happening and I made the mistake of only writing my Emma’s Diary posts (I’m an Emma’s Diary Blogger) and not actually updating my actual blog, which I miss!

There are other reasons that I haven’t really posted but I won’t go into them and to be honest, I don’t actually think they matter anymore so I’m pleased to say that ‘past service’ will resume!

We have just come back from out holiday, which I will talk about in a separate post and this past week we got two new family member in the shape of two adorable fluff balls called Dory and Flo… yes from Finding Nemo! Flo was actual called Bruce until we discovered he was actually a she!

Rocket is growing so big now, 31 months old! I cannot believe how quickly time is going. Soon I will be planning his 3rd birthday party *squee*

We have definitely hit the terrible twos now, he talks now and the last couple of weeks have been ‘NO’ or ‘why not?’ and he likes to push us as much as he possibly can! But at the same time he is the sweetest smiliest boy and he is so polite too, he can be a real joy and i’m so proud of him.

I’l leave you with some recent pictures, and I promise not to leave it too long til the next post ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Make-Up Meme

I may be jumping the gun a little here but i’m unable to get online again properly for a bit and wanted to get my video up!

The lovely Jayne has started a meme for bloggers children to do their make up for them and to take a picture of the result. I decided a video would be funnier, so here it is *cringe*, my 2 and a half year old attacking my face with mascara ๐Ÿ˜‰ enjoy!


I tag : @Mummydaddyme and


The go ahead to decorate!

Now that we have been in our house for over a year we finally have the go ahead for decorating the walls etc as we had to wait the full year until after the snagging had been done as it’s a new build. The walls have settled and luckily there are no cracking problems but we do have quite a few pin pops coming through the plaster, which the builders came and ‘poly filled’ and painted over but that was a couple of weeks ago and they have popped out gain now!

Also, how on earth does our house look so beaten up after just one year?! I’m putting it down to a little tornado of a 2 year old and his grubby hands and ability to bounce off the walls!

our last house was decorated in bright purple and as nice as the colour was, it also made the house look very dark at times and now we have a naturally light and airy property I’m keen to keep it like that, but with a twist as magnolia in EVERY room is a tad dull! I’d love to know what everyone else has in terms of colour schemes so I can get some ideas!

We are still getting random calls from people thinking we are a company as our number was listed on a companies website! which is a bit crazy as we were the first to have this number!

In terms of utilities we are now fully sorted out and even got round to getting home insurance thanks to the help of comparethemarket , seeing as we both are photographers and have gadgets that’s one headache I have avoided.

Our garden is coming along nicely too now, when we moved in, the garden was just plain dirt and we had turf put in but was scared it wouldnt grow as we have a massive tree out the back and the roots come all the way through our garden but (with the thanks to the crazy weather we have had!!!) the garden is green and lush and growing! So much so that weeding is a never ending battle ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not much else to say about the house as it is at the moment but i’l be posting pictures as we do finally decorate and please do throw ideas at me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro – Review

We were sent the brand new Kiddy car seat to review a couple of weeks ago now and we have been putting it through its paces! As you might remember we had reviewed the Kiddy Guardian Pro2 in the past and had loved it!

The new PhoenixFix Pro is an absolute delight to use as like the Pro2 its incredibly easy to get in and out of the car, even for me with my weak joints. Once youv’e sat your little one in the seat and put the Kiddy impact shield over them, it slots nicely right into some little grooves which make it alot easier, as a little wriggly toddler will be less likely to push the Impact shield off as you put gentle pressure on it.

The Kiddy PhoenixFix Pro is suitable for ages 9 months to 4 years and covers the weight from 9-18kg making it a group 1 car seat.

One nifty feature of this seat is that it also has K-Fix connectors making it a simple connection with ISOFIX and retraction mechanism, but we have chosen just to have it held in by the seat belt as we change cars a lot and it’s easy to whip in and out!

Rocket looks incredibly comfortable in this seat, he willingly climbs in to be strapped down which is something that only came when changing to a Kiddy car seat, before we had many tears and tantrums and i definitely put this down to comfort and freedom, I love that he has more movement with his arms without compromising his safety.

The seat belt is easy to thread around the Kiddy Impact Shield and holds it nice and tight so I know even the wriggliest Rocket wouldn’t be able to get out!

Another great feature of the PhoenixFix Pro is that the fabric is easily removed and washed at 30c which is fantastic as over time you inevitable gather crumbs, stains from drinks etc and to be able to whip it off for a run through the washer and put it back clean and new is fantastic!

Here is a list of the funky features;

Kiddy Impact Shield – Optimal protection for toddlers in case of a front-end collision.

Honey Comb V2 – High-tech material provides side impact protection to head and shoulders.

K-Fix Connectors – Simple connection with ISOFIX and retraction mechanism.

Thermotex – Breathable, washable material for a pleasant seating environment.

Lightweight Design (6.4 kg) – The lightweight construction facilitates simple exchange between vehicles and provides better safety.

Snooze Position – Easily adjustable reclining position for comfortable sleep.

For use in Aircraft – Approved for use in Aircraft.

Easily Washable – Washable at 30c

We really are firm fans of Kiddy car seats now and everyone that has seen the PhoenixFix Pro in my car have been really impressed with its design and how comfortable and safe Rocket is in the seat. I would definitely recommend this car seat, we have had a fantastic experience with it.

You can visit Kiddy on their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.