Birthday Celebrations and an Elephant never forgets!

This last weekend was Rockets Uncle (Leo’s) 21st Birthday so we drove down to visit him! He hadn’t seen Rocket in coming up a year I think? So it was lovely to see them interacting and Leo seemed pretty smitten by Rocket!

Things i’ve noticed about Rockets development recenty is that he has the memor of an Elephant! He seriously doesn’t forget a thing. He is pretty obsessed by playgrounds and trains at the moment and also he is amazing at road directions! So much better than I am! It’s quite worrying that he has a better memory than me!

Also we are at the parrot stage and I have to be so careful what is said around him…. especially after I dropped something in Tescos and said Bollox… πŸ˜‰

I have his first ever nursery parents evening this week and I’m secretly really excited to hear what they have to say! I’m so proud of my little bear πŸ™‚



Chronic Pain and the weather.

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, the shops are stocking not only Halloween items but Christmas too! In someways Autumn is my favourite season, it’s exciting, it’s the lead up to Christmas and has fireworks too! I love watching the leaves fall and snuggling up in the warm with a cup of hot honey and lemon (my current favourite drink!).

Unfortunately, with the fun and exciting times Autumn brings comes the extra Hypermobility Syndrome pain. This is also the time I have to really start watching what i’m doing and pace myself. It’s so hard to explain to someone that doesn’t suffer from chronic pain just how bad things can get and how such the simplest of tasks (like walking from the car into the shops) can seem like the most daunting task for someone that suffers with joint pain.

The nature of Hypermobility is that you can have no problem doing a task one day and then you get a knock on effect which means you cannot physically move for up to weeks later, from one simple action! It’s quite isolating to be honest and can make you feel very down.

With a 2 and a half year old things get harder, he is so active, he’s a whirlwind of fun and energy and it’s going to be a challenge keeping him entertained through the months where I struggle to go out, luckily I have a new Homestart volunteer coming to us as of Friday so that will help a bit.

Today I walked to the park with my friend ( thank goodness for my Stokke Xplory as I may have had a problem!) I was able to push Rocket with relative ease and he had a fabulous time as the park, although my friend had to take over and chase him as I coul’dnt do it, signs things are slowing down again. I’m proud of myself that I managed to walk but as I write this I am in a lot of pain and can’t leave the sofa.. what do you do when your’e up to the maximum dose of prescribed painkillers and you are still in a lot of pain? how do you ease it?

If anyone needs me i’l be wrapped up in my electric blanket, enjoying the autumn from my window.

How do you cope with chronic pain and a demanding toddler?

Monday Mobile

The Monday Mobile blog hop!

Today we had a relaxing sofa day, mostly because of the grizzly weather outside.. but we also had a power cut at 8am this morning. We lost all power, including the phone lines (home phone AND mobile!) It was like being in the dark ages and actually felt like the end of the world! (I know, I’m a drama queen πŸ˜‰ ) It was traumatic πŸ˜›

That lasted til 10:30am, enough time to let my fridge go soggy and have the 2 year old screaming at me for Mickey Mouse!

So here we are at 5pm… still rocking the bed hair… still not dressed!

Center Parcs 2012

After last years amazing holiday to Center Parcs Elveden Forest, we booked up quick for September 2012 and got a nicer Villa that had a sauna attached which my dad absolutely loved as he’s a big sauna fan!

We arrived on the monday around early lunchtime and our first pit stop is always the Starbucks by the lake where we meet up with Rockets Grandparents and have a chat before we head off swimming whilst the time passes until we can unload the car at the villa.

Mum and I got mobility scooters, I had one last year but as my mum is getting more painful these days we decided it would be more enjoyable to have a helping hand in the form of 4 wheels. Center Parcs is great for Disabled guests, the roads are easily maneuvered and you can take the mobility scooters everywhere (although other than in the main shop we parked outside).


Rocket was only 18 months last year ad still in a travel cot, not really talking and obviously just a baby so I was terrified when we were faced with a walking, talking, climbing toddler who now sleeps in a big bed and gets into everything! My fears were for nothing really, as we had got an extra bedroom for him, all we needed was 2 baby gates from home and we pushed the double bed up against the wall with a baby bed guard on the other side and locked his bathroom from the outside with a knife (i’m sure the maid wondered what was going on in there πŸ˜‰ ) But he was a star! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and best of all he slept no problem and most the nights straight through! He also loved writing on the blackboard with the chalks too! (nice little touch!)

Aaron went off to do Knee-Boarding which was a new activity for him, as a complete first timer he was nervous but he rocked it and didn’t fall off once!! It’s safe to say that he is an adrenaline junkie! even if i was physically able, i’m not sure you would have caught me flying around a lake in a wetsuit! Luckily I was able to take some funky pictures as there is a bridge (wobbly and terrifying) to the other side where they start the KneeBoarding from and I made friends with the mum of another girl taking part so I wasn’t too lonely πŸ˜›

Aaron came back on a total high and got ready for his next activity! High Ropes! He did this last year but it took an hour and a half and you could do as much as you liked but this year it was just a ‘go around once’ deal which he was done in 10 minutes, luckily as he is cheeky they let him go again, but for the money it costs to do that activity .. 10 minutes really isn’t great. However the activity was really enjoyable for him and the weather held out!

It’s a shame the new ride isn’t open yet but we could see it being constructed from the outside pool. I was a litttle sad to see the salt water pool had dissapeared as the space is being used to make a new lagoon but I have faith in Center Parcs that theΒ  Lagoon will be amazing!

Customer Service wise there were two members of staff that stuck out, both gentlemen. One was called James and hes a younger guy that works in HUCKS, he was fantastic, id give him 5/5 stars of service and we left after having an amazing meal with smiles on our faces! The other guy I didn’t get his name unfortunately but he works in the poolside bar. He was lovely and very kind also!

Mum and I took my dad to the spa this time and that was a little disappointing this year as they were renovating and had blocked off a large chunk of the spa (including my favourite steam room!) . We were told as we were entering and given a 5 voucher each to use towards anything in the spa shop but they could have told us on earlier, I know there wereΒ  a lot of people in the spa that wern’t too happy. The voucher redeemed itself in the end as dad left early so mum and I had a Garra Fish spa for just Β£5 for the both of us and that was an experience!

Home now! Planning our next Ceter Parcs visit and hopefully to another site further afield!

My Poor Neglected Blog!

Looking at my blog, I can see how i’ve neglected it in the past 6 months BIG TIME! lots of things have been happening and I made the mistake of only writing my Emma’s Diary posts (I’m an Emma’s Diary Blogger) and not actually updating my actual blog, which I miss!

There are other reasons that I haven’t really posted but I won’t go into them and to be honest, I don’t actually think they matter anymore so I’m pleased to say that ‘past service’ will resume!

We have just come back from out holiday, which I will talk about in a separate post and this past week we got two new family member in the shape of two adorable fluff balls called Dory and Flo… yes from Finding Nemo! Flo was actual called Bruce until we discovered he was actually a she!

Rocket is growing so big now, 31 months old! I cannot believe how quickly time is going. Soon I will be planning his 3rd birthday party *squee*

We have definitely hit the terrible twos now, he talks now and the last couple of weeks have been ‘NO’ or ‘why not?’ and he likes to push us as much as he possibly can! But at the same time he is the sweetest smiliest boy and he is so polite too, he can be a real joy and i’m so proud of him.

I’l leave you with some recent pictures, and I promise not to leave it too long til the next post πŸ˜‰

The Make-Up Meme

I may be jumping the gun a little here but i’m unable to get online again properly for a bit and wanted to get my video up!

The lovely Jayne has started a meme for bloggers children to do their make up for them and to take a picture of the result. I decided a video would be funnier, so here it is *cringe*, my 2 and a half year old attacking my face with mascara πŸ˜‰ enjoy!


I tag : @Mummydaddyme and