Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift – Review

_3PA_jpgLR.jpg.jpg.jpgOn Monday the last installment of Ice Age was released on Blu Ray and 3D – Ice Age 4 Continental Drift. We were lucky enough to be sent a copy as we missed it at the cinema.

We have always been Ice Age fans here and enjoy the fun and frolics the gang get up too! Ice Age 4 delivers many laughs (which I’m always afraid that children’s films will do for me, but I laughed the whole film).

The story follows Manny and his friends who have been separated from his family as an earthquake splits the ice and he drifts away. Theres heartwarming moments and tension throughout as we meet new characters and also we see the infamous Scrat STILL after his acorn!

The only thing I’d say is that the films are getting slightly samey but at the same time I think it’s a fabulous family film which deserves a place in anyones film collection, regardless of age!

Here is an interview with Ray Romano who voices Manny!


Fox Home Entertainment Intl Q&A

Ray Romano (Manny)



QUESTION: What do Manny and the gang face in this new Ice Age adventure?


RAY ROMANO: The adventure in this Ice Age is Manny’s got a lot going on because his daughter is growing up and he doesn’t like it. They kind of argue a little bit and he wants to keep her under his wraps and she wants to branch out. She’s a teenager. In the meantime, the continents are shifting and they get separated and it’s Manny’s journey to try to get home.  He thinks he’s never going to see her again and they had this argument, so there’s a lot going on. She’s grown up. He’s got to save his crew, Sid, there are new villains, there are pirates, there’s little funny people running around and J. Lo’s in it. That’s all you need to know. [SMILES]


QUESTION: Quite a few new characters have been added to the Ice Age family. What do they bring to the mix?


ROMANO: Well, it’s always great in to have a good villain. There are some great new, little, lovable creatures, too. It’s always fun for the audience to see the regulars and then to see these new people and to interact. You root for the good guys. Then there’s a love interest and there’s a squad of funny little, I don’t even know what they are.  They’re kind of prehistoric gophers or something, but they’re funny and cute. We have a lot of them in this one.


QUESTION: Fans have been very loyal to Ice Age, an audience that keeps growing with every new chapter. What makes the Ice Age movies so appealing to all ages?


ROMANO: I identify with this story that Manny’s going through and that’s kind of what the people are experiencing.  They’re connecting with it.  It has a great message.  It’s all about the family.  Every story, every one, has been about family. But each one has a different dynamic and all the trials and tribulations a family goes through. People just connect with it.


QUESTION: Do you have a favorite scene in Ice Age 4?


ROMANO: I think the kids are going to love the little guys.  There’s a little army of, I have to get the correct term for what type of animal they are, but they look like little weasels. Manny and his crew have to fight these pirates and they come to his aid.  I think those are going to be the favorites.  Sid is always a favorite.  The guy going for the acorn, Scrat. Scrat’s always a favorite with kids. But these will be new the favorites, these little guys because they’re funny and they talk in gibberish.  That’s funny.


QUESTION: Families all over the world enjoy Ice Age on Blu-ray and DVD. Are you a fan of these formats at home, too?


ROMANO: We have a Blu-ray system and we have the DVDs lined up. I always like DVDs because my wife goes to bed before I do and she likes the TV off, sound off. So my laptop comes up, DVD goes in, earplugs and she still yells at me. [LAUGHS] But it’s the only way I can do it. Yeah, and I also like stopping and rewinding and all of that.


QUESTION: What do you think has been the best thing about Blu-ray, especially for films like Ice Age?


ROMANO: Well, just the look of it! I will say this about this Ice Age film. It’s a great film, but the look is unbelievable. And the 3D, of course, is wild. You just want to jump into the screen.  It’s right there with it.  I really like doing animation and being a wooly mammoth with all this technology because that’s safe for me.  I don’t want all this technology when you’re going to get in close here on the real me because I want it as dark as possible as I get older. I may just do only animation from now on. [LAUGHS]31



>Wooden Toys!


I have grown a slight fascination with wooden toys in recent times and have been scouting about trying to find the best places that do the older style wooden toys from back in the day when I was young.
It feels kind of special to continue including wooden toys as everything these days is plastic!

I was contacted by to have a look at their website to see what I thought. In terms of the website it’s incredibly easy to use, I managed to navigate the site and view the whole range of toys within 5 minutes, that’s not due to lack of toys but to ease of use.

There are options at the side where you can narrow your search down to boy/girl, price range and brand which comes in handy if you are looking for something specific.

There are also categories at the top separating the toys into sections for example ‘ride ons’ and ‘kids room’.

I am amazed at the variety of toys they do and have a few in mind for the future that I’d like to get for Luke!

So you should head on over to – a world of fun with wooden toys

*I was offered a voucher to use on their site in return for a review of their website but this by no means sways anything I write, I am always 100% honest irrespective of things offered.

>Dougals Den!


So not only have I got 1 amazing sponsor for Cybermummy this year,
 I have 2!!!!!

Dougals Den is a fab online shop for pets selling a range of fun and funky products! Our resident cat Nyx has now got the job of being a cat toy tester for Dougals Den! So look forward to some feline fun and reviews in the not too distant future!

SO…. if you have pets who you adore, then shower them with some 
Dougals Den love! 
Head over to their website and have a peek!

Also you can follow them over on FACEBOOK and TWITTER 🙂

>Build a Bear!!! Daddies love it too!


We were given the amazing chance of visiting Build a Bear whilst on our weekend trip to London at the weekend and no one could be more excited than me! Aaron had taken me back in 2007-2008 for me and I came away with ‘Happy Bear’ a delightful fluffy blue bear that saw me through some tough times when I needed a hug! But this time we were there for our little guy, 15 month old Luke!

You can view the SLIDESHOW HERE

As it’s coming up to fathers day, I suggested Aaron has the experience with Luke and I took the photo’s as it’s a perfect father-son activity! Just see the pictures!

Luke LOVES hugging things, he is a very loving little boy so I was excited to see his reaction over getting a personalised hug buddy!

We headed over to Build a Bear at Covent Garden, London and after a quick nap, Luke was ready to go and complete with a smile we entered the shop!

We were greeted by happy staff, full of energy offering to show us round! Off to check out which teddy to get! There were so many! a great range to choose from, ranging from a fully washing machine friendly bear to a bamboo panda and a teddy that donates to Tommy’s the charity! After careful thought we decided that we should have the machine washable one so Luke can take it places and it doesn’t matter so much if teddy gets dirty as we can magically clean him!

After choosing we headed over to display where you could choose a cool sound effect to put inside your teddy, threre’s a whole range of different sounds and you can even record your own voice to go inside! We however went with a new option ( wasn’t there in 2007) which is a heart that when you press the Teddy’s chest it pulses like a real heart! I thought that was adorable and apparently its soothing for small children 🙂

Then comes the fun part! bringing your teddy to life! Children are encouraged to step on a pedal whilst the Build a Bear staff carefully guide the stuffing into the bear! seeing as Luke was too little for this, Daddy got the fun part of pedalling!

Once the bear is stuffed to the correct cuddly mass, Luke was given the choice of two hearts, one red and one tartan to place into the bear to bring him to life! Luke put a red one in after rubbing it on his nose and giving it a kiss! but then the kind lady let him put in another (which made daddy smile as he’s a big Doctor Who fan and he’s now a Time lord bear!!!) 

After a final stitch up and a ‘wash and brush’ the bear is ready to be dressed!!! We were amazed at how much cool stuff there is for your new friend!! There were a couple of different ‘Dressing room’ stations, complete with mirrors so you can dress your bear in some cool gear!!

Luke came away with some bear boxers (yes really!!) some cool converse style bear shoes! some matching dungarees (so Luke looked the same!) some cute baby boy PJs, a baseball cap and a surfer suit! his bear also has a pet cat!! When I say it was hard choosing.. it really was! The walls were full of all kinds, from doctor outfits to Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Star wars! It makes you wish you had everything in the shop! but you’d need a room just for your bears clothes!

Once your bear is suitably dressed, you head over to the naming station where you can choose a nifty name for your pal! As it was daddy’s treat with Luke (and Luke can’t talk!) daddy got to pick the name… so ……. BERTY was born! and we were given a birth certificate to take away. You can register your bear online and there’s also a system where your bear has a bar code inside him and if you register him online and he’s ever lost, if someone finds him and returns him to a Build a Bear, he will find his way back to you!! Just like a cat or dog! 

All in all we had a fantastic experience! We were treated like VIPs, the staff are so great with children and adapt their approach to suit different ages. Luke had a smile on his face the whole way through and even gave the assistant manager a high five! So if any guys out there would like to do something for Fathers Day this year, why not take the kiddies to Build a Bear, for an experience neither of you will forget!

We are looking forward to many trips back to Build a Bear as Luke grows up and we have the fun of watching his excitement as he will be able to pick what outfits he wants!

With Luke on the London Eye!


*Berty the bear and his outfits were given to us for review purposes

>Boon Flair Highchair – Review


We were very kindly sent a high chair to review for Boon and when it was delivered I was extremely excited but had to wait for my husband to get home to assemble it as it’s too heavy for me with my joints.

The Boon Flair High chair is a pedestal high chair with a pneumatic lift. To look at it, I felt it was like something off The Men In Black! it looks amazingly stylish and fresh.

My favourite thing about this high chair is that there are NO grooves for any food to get stuck down in, it’s totally smooth all over and has rounded corners making cleaning a breeze! When your a busy mum the last thing you need is to be disassembling your high chair to dig out left over food and cleaning fabric.

So for clean ability the Boon Flair gets 5/5 already!

There is a small sized tray that comes with it which is easy enough to slick into place using just one hand by feeling the underside and sliding the latch and pulling to you. There is a choice of 2 places you can adjust the tray too. Also the tray comes with 2 see through plastic covers which are dishwasher sized and dishwasher safe! making it even easier to clean. The tray is smaller than a normal sized high chair would have and if I could change anything I would opt for a choice of 2 size trays but saying that we don’t actually have a problem at all with the size it is, just for playing it would be nice to have a bigger one.

The high chair has a great feature of being able to height adjust simply by pressing the orange button on the base with your foot! This feature is awesome for us as we keep the chair in the living room under our table and it allows the chair to fir nicely under the table where past high chairs have been bulky or have needed folding away.

It comes with a 5 point harness and also a restraining post between the legs which stop little wrigglers from sliding under and also makes it safer whilst unstrapping them to them out!

We use our Flair on the carpet and let me tell you it does not budge from that spot! Though it is designed to effortlessly glide over hard floor without scratching the surface. I do have slight trouble in moving it on the carpet but the face that its so safe in one spot makes up for it.

The Boon Flair is a definite winner of high chairs in our house and people comment on the sleek design when they are round and whats more Luke is comfortable in it! so I would suggest it to anyone who needs an easy to clean and stylish addition to their dining room!

The Boon Flair High Chair can be bought for £199.99

*The High Chair was given to me for review purposes.

>Quack Quack Moo – Review

>Just before we moved house we were given the chance to review some items from Quack Quack Moo.
When we received the items through the post the first thing I noticed was the amount of care that was put into sending them through, I was incredibly impressed at how they were tied up with ribbon and carefully wrapped in a tissue paper, it was delightful. 

The first item I unwrapped was the Hooded Blanket. It is a great design with poppers that hold on a hood so that when you are out and about with your baby, the blanket will be safe and not chucked out the buggy and getting dirty on the floor. In either a girls pink and purple or a boys blue and red, this blanket is simply delightful.
 Once your baby is bigger you can use the blanket without the hood by simply unpopping the poppers.
Also its great for swaddling little babies and is perfect as a comforter with is soft and snuggly texture! – It can also be used with the Length ‘n’ Loop dummy holder.

The Hooded Blanket can be bought HERE for a reasonable £14.99

The Length ‘n’ Loop dummy holder – What a great idea!! seeing as the Quack Quack Moo bibs and blanket come with special tags that can loop through most dummies to prevent losing them! They can also be used on car seats and buggy’s, anywhere that it can be looped around. We have found this very handy as Luke is always losing his dummies! It comes in 3 colours.

The Length ‘n’ Loop can be bought HERE at the price of £2.99 (Note: doesn’t include the dummy)

The bib I was sent is adorable, unisex and the fabric is high quality. It looks sweet whilst being excellent for a teething baby as its thick. There are a few different bibs you can get HERE

All in all I’m really impressed with Quack Quack Moo and not only are their products fab, they really do care about their customers. So if you are expecting, already have a baby or trying to find a baby shower gift then look 
no further!

>Coffee To A Tea – Review

>A while back the lovely Kathryn from Coffee to a Tea sent me some coffee to try which I reviewed in the review section. I happened to review around my parents house and my dad was so impressed that he bookmarked Coffee To A Tea on his computer ready to order.

Kathryn was kind enough to send out a couple of instants (which was an instant hit 😉 ) to review as well.

We had Irish coffee and Chocolate Caramel flavour – both are utterly scrummy and coming from someone that doesn’t drink coffee all that much, I have been indulging in a coffee here and there as a treat. We had the builders over last week and when they stopped for a coffee break and I presented them with the Irish Coffee flavour they were more than impressed and told me to pass on that fact!

I can hand on my heart say that my dad and I shall be ordering more from Coffee To A Tea and I do really suggest if you fancy a treat to click on over to the shop and order some for yourself!