About Laura

Name : Laura Weight

Age : 26

Children : Luke Ashley born Valentines day 2010

Laura has done many things in her life, since leaving sixth form in 2002 she has worked in an elderly home, Cineworld Cinemas, GAME and The London Eye, all after spending a year in America as an Au Pair for 2 wonderful girls as a gap year.

She also has A levels in Art and Performing Arts and went on to gain a diploma in Holistic Therapy (Swedish Body Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology) in 2004.

After meeting her now husband in 2007, she joined the Xtreme Productions team and is now a co director of the company which produce film and music videos, along with some photography and now expanding onto XTP Vlogs and movie reviews.

Laura is a keen photographer and has spent the last 3 years going on photography trips with her husband exploring new places and learning how to use her SLR! along with Photoshop.

Her next task is to master After Effects and Sony Vegas so she can focus more on the movie editing side of the company.

Having given birth to her lovely son Luke in february, Laura is enjoying the time as a full time mum and watching her son learn new things and grow quickly, not to mention that he’s her favourite photo subject!

This photo was one hour after his birth in SCBU.

Laura is a very spiritual person, not actually following a particular religion but she has the gift of healing and can channel energies into making people feel better. She loves travelling and meeting new people and is probably one of the most laid back and friendliest people you will ever meet!

If you would like to get in touch you can, at the following email address: