Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift – Review

_3PA_jpgLR.jpg.jpg.jpgOn Monday the last installment of Ice Age was released on Blu Ray and 3D – Ice Age 4 Continental Drift. We were lucky enough to be sent a copy as we missed it at the cinema.

We have always been Ice Age fans here and enjoy the fun and frolics the gang get up too! Ice Age 4 delivers many laughs (which I’m always afraid that children’s films will do for me, but I laughed the whole film).

The story follows Manny and his friends who have been separated from his family as an earthquake splits the ice and he drifts away. Theres heartwarming moments and tension throughout as we meet new characters and also we see the infamous Scrat STILL after his acorn!

The only thing I’d say is that the films are getting slightly samey but at the same time I think it’s a fabulous family film which deserves a place in anyones film collection, regardless of age!

Here is an interview with Ray Romano who voices Manny!


Fox Home Entertainment Intl Q&A

Ray Romano (Manny)



QUESTION: What do Manny and the gang face in this new Ice Age adventure?


RAY ROMANO: The adventure in this Ice Age is Manny’s got a lot going on because his daughter is growing up and he doesn’t like it. They kind of argue a little bit and he wants to keep her under his wraps and she wants to branch out. She’s a teenager. In the meantime, the continents are shifting and they get separated and it’s Manny’s journey to try to get home.  He thinks he’s never going to see her again and they had this argument, so there’s a lot going on. She’s grown up. He’s got to save his crew, Sid, there are new villains, there are pirates, there’s little funny people running around and J. Lo’s in it. That’s all you need to know. [SMILES]


QUESTION: Quite a few new characters have been added to the Ice Age family. What do they bring to the mix?


ROMANO: Well, it’s always great in to have a good villain. There are some great new, little, lovable creatures, too. It’s always fun for the audience to see the regulars and then to see these new people and to interact. You root for the good guys. Then there’s a love interest and there’s a squad of funny little, I don’t even know what they are.  They’re kind of prehistoric gophers or something, but they’re funny and cute. We have a lot of them in this one.


QUESTION: Fans have been very loyal to Ice Age, an audience that keeps growing with every new chapter. What makes the Ice Age movies so appealing to all ages?


ROMANO: I identify with this story that Manny’s going through and that’s kind of what the people are experiencing.  They’re connecting with it.  It has a great message.  It’s all about the family.  Every story, every one, has been about family. But each one has a different dynamic and all the trials and tribulations a family goes through. People just connect with it.


QUESTION: Do you have a favorite scene in Ice Age 4?


ROMANO: I think the kids are going to love the little guys.  There’s a little army of, I have to get the correct term for what type of animal they are, but they look like little weasels. Manny and his crew have to fight these pirates and they come to his aid.  I think those are going to be the favorites.  Sid is always a favorite.  The guy going for the acorn, Scrat. Scrat’s always a favorite with kids. But these will be new the favorites, these little guys because they’re funny and they talk in gibberish.  That’s funny.


QUESTION: Families all over the world enjoy Ice Age on Blu-ray and DVD. Are you a fan of these formats at home, too?


ROMANO: We have a Blu-ray system and we have the DVDs lined up. I always like DVDs because my wife goes to bed before I do and she likes the TV off, sound off. So my laptop comes up, DVD goes in, earplugs and she still yells at me. [LAUGHS] But it’s the only way I can do it. Yeah, and I also like stopping and rewinding and all of that.


QUESTION: What do you think has been the best thing about Blu-ray, especially for films like Ice Age?


ROMANO: Well, just the look of it! I will say this about this Ice Age film. It’s a great film, but the look is unbelievable. And the 3D, of course, is wild. You just want to jump into the screen.  It’s right there with it.  I really like doing animation and being a wooly mammoth with all this technology because that’s safe for me.  I don’t want all this technology when you’re going to get in close here on the real me because I want it as dark as possible as I get older. I may just do only animation from now on. [LAUGHS]31



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