Review – Barbarossa Pirate Ship

We are very into Pirates in this household and it’s something that Rocket is being brought up with and he loves it just as much as mummy and daddy! There arn’t many pirate play things for the younger ones but we had a chance to review the Barbarossa Pirate Ship from Big Game Hunters Doll Houses Shop and it is a simply stunning older fashioned wooden toy.

It wasn’t long before Rocket and his wild developing imagination were sailing around the living room and shooting canons whilst getting up to mischief!

We have to keep a close eye on Rocket whilst he’s playing though as the age range is 3+ and of course, our little man is only 2 and a half! (thats not to say he doesn’t love it!)

The detail on the ship is beautiful, there are fabric sails with a skulls and swords motif on and working wind up anchor and a fully functioning trap door which makes the ship even more fun to play with.

I find the best thing is it’s beautifully displayed in our lounge whilst not being played with and is definitely an eye catcher when we have guests round!.

Daddy built it as I’m not too great with assembling things, but there’s easy to read instructions with the ship so that’s not a problem!

One small negative we found about the Barbarossa Pirate Ship was the mechanism for the canon, as its spring loaded if not used properly and carefully it can give you a nasty pinch, which we found out about as Rocket used it and it caused a bruise. On closer inspection it is possible that this could also happen to an adult too. We resolved this by taking the canon away (as it’s not fixed onto the ship it didn’t cause a problem.)

I love how it’s so sturdy and detailed! The ship is made from high quality and long lasting wood and you can certainly feel the quality.

We also were sent the Le Toy Van Pirates Budkins which I fell in love with! They are so quirky and I love the costume made out of fun bright colours and the detail that has gone into creating them! Rocket has had lots of fun having pretend battles and posing them onto the ship.

I know the Barbarossa Pirate Ship will be a well loved toy for many years for Rocket and I would recommend it for any little Pirate or Wench!


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