My Poor Neglected Blog!

Looking at my blog, I can see how i’ve neglected it in the past 6 months BIG TIME! lots of things have been happening and I made the mistake of only writing my Emma’s Diary posts (I’m an Emma’s Diary Blogger) and not actually updating my actual blog, which I miss!

There are other reasons that I haven’t really posted but I won’t go into them and to be honest, I don’t actually think they matter anymore so I’m pleased to say that ‘past service’ will resume!

We have just come back from out holiday, which I will talk about in a separate post and this past week we got two new family member in the shape of two adorable fluff balls called Dory and Flo… yes from Finding Nemo! Flo was actual called Bruce until we discovered he was actually a she!

Rocket is growing so big now, 31 months old! I cannot believe how quickly time is going. Soon I will be planning his 3rd birthday party *squee*

We have definitely hit the terrible twos now, he talks now and the last couple of weeks have been ‘NO’ or ‘why not?’ and he likes to push us as much as he possibly can! But at the same time he is the sweetest smiliest boy and he is so polite too, he can be a real joy and i’m so proud of him.

I’l leave you with some recent pictures, and I promise not to leave it too long til the next post 😉


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