Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro – Review

We were sent the brand new Kiddy car seat to review a couple of weeks ago now and we have been putting it through its paces! As you might remember we had reviewed the Kiddy Guardian Pro2 in the past and had loved it!

The new PhoenixFix Pro is an absolute delight to use as like the Pro2 its incredibly easy to get in and out of the car, even for me with my weak joints. Once youv’e sat your little one in the seat and put the Kiddy impact shield over them, it slots nicely right into some little grooves which make it alot easier, as a little wriggly toddler will be less likely to push the Impact shield off as you put gentle pressure on it.

The Kiddy PhoenixFix Pro is suitable for ages 9 months to 4 years and covers the weight from 9-18kg making it a group 1 car seat.

One nifty feature of this seat is that it also has K-Fix connectors making it a simple connection with ISOFIX and retraction mechanism, but we have chosen just to have it held in by the seat belt as we change cars a lot and it’s easy to whip in and out!

Rocket looks incredibly comfortable in this seat, he willingly climbs in to be strapped down which is something that only came when changing to a Kiddy car seat, before we had many tears and tantrums and i definitely put this down to comfort and freedom, I love that he has more movement with his arms without compromising his safety.

The seat belt is easy to thread around the Kiddy Impact Shield and holds it nice and tight so I know even the wriggliest Rocket wouldn’t be able to get out!

Another great feature of the PhoenixFix Pro is that the fabric is easily removed and washed at 30c which is fantastic as over time you inevitable gather crumbs, stains from drinks etc and to be able to whip it off for a run through the washer and put it back clean and new is fantastic!

Here is a list of the funky features;

Kiddy Impact Shield – Optimal protection for toddlers in case of a front-end collision.

Honey Comb V2 – High-tech material provides side impact protection to head and shoulders.

K-Fix Connectors – Simple connection with ISOFIX and retraction mechanism.

Thermotex – Breathable, washable material for a pleasant seating environment.

Lightweight Design (6.4 kg) – The lightweight construction facilitates simple exchange between vehicles and provides better safety.

Snooze Position – Easily adjustable reclining position for comfortable sleep.

For use in Aircraft – Approved for use in Aircraft.

Easily Washable – Washable at 30c

We really are firm fans of Kiddy car seats now and everyone that has seen the PhoenixFix Pro in my car have been really impressed with its design and how comfortable and safe Rocket is in the seat. I would definitely recommend this car seat, we have had a fantastic experience with it.

You can visit Kiddy on their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.



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