The importance of a calm mind.

It’s no secret that I’m the type of person that gets wound up easily and wallows in my own head but it was only yesterday when I saw my reflexologist and good friend that my eyes were opened to this.

Over the last 5 years there has been so much negativity surrounding different issues in my life, many not written about that my head was full of what ifs and consequences, even though they didn’t effect me. Iv’e always tried to do the right thing and help other people, always put other peoples feelings ahead of my own and even though that’s not necessarily a bad thing in some ways, in others its caused emotional damage to myself.

I had some crystal therapy yesterday and my friend revealed that my energy fields were like they had been in a car crash and shifted and not gone back to where they should be, which makes sense as my emotions are frequently all over the place! After sorting my internal balance out and telling me I should be finding 10 minutes a day to go to a place in myself that I can find peace, I left feeling a sense of relief.

Last night I fell asleep feeling totally calm, the busyness and noise that runs through my head nightly wasn’t there and to be honest it was a welcome relief to just hear quiet and calmness!

No longer am I going to be caught up in how I appear to others or worry about things I have no control over as these are just damaging myself and I’d much rather live a peaceful life, like my friend who is honestly one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet!

Lucky for me I have the Thinking Slimmer Chill-Pod which we were kindly given at Cybher. I’m going to incorporate that CD into my daily routine and start fresh with a calmer outlook on life.



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