www.babyuniqueboutique.co.uk – Happy Hopperz Review

As a mum of a very bouncy 2 year old, i had seen the Happy Hopperz before and was curious to try one out for my little guy. Baby Unique Boutique sent us the blue Dinosaur Happy Hopperz which has been affectionately named ‘Dino’.

Inside the box along with ‘Dino’ was a hand pump to pump him up and once we had spent 10 minutes trying to work out how to use the pump (you need to take the end off the cap and screw in) we were away and pumping!

Rocket took to him straight away and was bouncing up and down and giggling. Happy Hopperz are great for helping children with their balance and coordination skills (Rocket kept falling off but is getting better over time!) – He also has tickle fights with Dino on the floor?!?! I’m guessing he is helping bring his imagination skills out too and he frequently gets kissed also!

Happy Hopperz is now a must have for us, its strong and durable (I guess it needs to be to take rowdy 2 year olds!) and I would definatly recommend them as a toy for bouncy children (It may have just saved my bed 😉 )

Happy Hopperz is only one of the fantastic brands that Baby Unique Boutique work with and tonight is their big launch! So do pop over and take a look around! With a friendly and quick service you wont be disapointed when buying through Baby Unique Boutique.

They are also on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.



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