Temper, Temper…

Oh my oh my…. Ignore anything iv’e previously blogged about Rocket hitting his terrible twos… because now I see that he was a little angel compared to now!

Ever since he started nursery he seems to have matured an amazing amount. He didn’t hardly talk before, now he comes out with sentences and remembers really random words that you don’t think he will!

Unfortunately along with his gained knowledge comes a fiery temper and inability to share his toys. He tells his Dd and myself off, he screams and screams if he doesn’t get what he wants and sometimes it gets to the point that you cat even distract him. His room is now being used as a 2 minute time out room during the day.

Luckily along with the bad came a glimmer of hope, he had been waking every night in the middle of the night screaming and also refusing to go to sleep at night but we seem to have come through the other side as *touch wood* he’s slept through for the last 4-5 nights!

He however is adorable as ever and he looks like butter wouldn’t melt! I’m hoping that this stage passes quickly before I pull my hair out!


4 thoughts on “Temper, Temper…

  1. Just enjoying some mummy blogs (could be empty nest syndrome setting it!) and found yours! Mine had ‘terrible threes’ instead of twos. But, hang in there, all ends well. There is something you can do: as little as possible! Make as little fuss as possible and just treat it all as if it’s No Big Deal and that’s how it’ll become. Enjoy your children. Best wishes. x

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