Hello Canvas – Review

There’s no denying that I am absolutely photography mad, anyone can see that! But it may suprise you to know that I have very few pictures actually printed out and displayed in my house! I have 2 external hard drives brimming with photos but that’s no good unless I’m sitting down searching the thousands!

I had never heard of Hello Canvas before and I was offered the chance to review a canvas size 20×28 inches (i’m really bad with imagining sizes so I got my average size 2 year old to stand next to the canvas so you could see how big this was.)

I am absolutely thrilled with it, its huge and the quality is brilliant, it makes my snap look professional and clear. Rocket keeps pointing to it and saying ammmaazziinnnggggg!

The only downside I found was that I couldn’t use pictures that I had edited from my IPhone as they wern’t crisp enough when blown up to this size but as we use our Digital cameras it’s not a problem for us!

I would definitely buy from Hello Canvas in the future and recommend them to anyone that wants to display canvas’s at home!

The website can be found HERE and they are on TWITTER and FACEBOOK too.

The price for the Canvas we were sent (20×28 inches) is £49 but there are a wide range of different sizes and prices to fit any budget!

*We were sent the Canvas free for review purposes, all opinions and words are our own.


3 thoughts on “Hello Canvas – Review

  1. That’s a pretty good price, I’ll keep them in mind. We had some photos taken professionally, but couldn’t afford to have them put on canvas as well.

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