Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System Union Jack Pack – Review

As the Jubilee approaches, Dettol have designed a removable patriotic Union Jack skin to cover their No-Touch Hand Wash System.

We were sent the Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System as i’d never used one before. I have slight OCD and the thought of not having to touch the hand wash bottle was great to me. It makes it a lot more hygienic for the whole family and stops the spread of germs by killing 99.9%

One of the main worries I had was would I need to screw it to the wall as id only seen these in public toilets etc and they were fixed but that’s not the case and it sits nicely on my windowsill in the kitchen. I’m also now planning to get one for the bathroom too.

They are incredibly easy to use as they have motion sensors and release the soap onto your hands in the perfect little amount.

We have the hydrating cucumber wash and it does indeed leave your hands feeling soft and not dried out, a blessing if you wash your hands a lot!

The Union Jack removable skin is a limited edition and will be available to buy from Morrisons and Ocado mid May .



2 thoughts on “Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System Union Jack Pack – Review

  1. I’ve always thought these are a bit weird… does it matter touching a germy bottle when you’re just about to wash your hands anyway? Surely anything you touch before the hand washing is washed away during the hand washing? Saying that, love the whole Union Jack thing that’s going on these days.

  2. Have to agree with Ali – not sure of the point of these as surely you only touch the pump before washing? Seems like a gimmicky product that preys on people’s fear of bacteria.

    Good review for anyone interested in buying one though and it does look quite nice. Never had a problem with Dettol products when I’ve used them in the past.

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