App Store Frustration

We have an original iPad, I love it and so does rocket. He’s pretty obsessed with it but that’s ok as he has some educational apps on there and he knows his way around (which I find strange from a 2 year old!)

My complaint is with the in app advertising. I understand that when you get a free app that they want you to purchase the full version and that is fine but why after every little game does a box pop up asking you of you’d like to buy the proper version?! (bearing in mind my 2 year old is happily pressing buttons here or there and I have to watch him like a hawk incase he decides to buy half the app store by accident!)

We have a mixture of both paid for and free apps, in my opinion I’m not going to go pay £2 plus for a game unless I’ve tried it out but at the same time the free versions could just keep it short and basic without all the ‘buy nows’ as I’m fed up with it!

Infact some of the apps I downloaded today got on my nerves so much with the advertising that I just deleted them and that’s a shame as the full version could have been great but it completely put me off.

From now on il stick to buying the full games but only on the recommendation of friends. Free games for children just doesn’t work.

For example we have a kid paint app which in itself it’s a great little app but the advertising on it spans accross the screen and rocket always ends up (by accident) being taken away from the app and he gets upset.

Does anyone else find they are having the same problems?

If you have any game or learning app suggestions for a 2 year old then I’d love to hear!


One thought on “App Store Frustration

  1. I completely agree with you. Young kids really can’t grasp “don’t touch this bit of the screen, it’ll take you somewhere else”, and older kids see other apps being advertised and then badger for them. For me the perfect kids app has no advertising, no links out to the app store, no social media links, no push notifications and any options are hidden away somewhere the parents can access but the kids can’t (ideally in “Settings”, but I’m also happy with somewhere within the app where you have to do something specific (double tap, tap and hold for so many seconds etc).

    There is a move within some areas of the kids app industry to introduce voluntary disclosure along these lines, so that parents know what they’re getting in advance.

    I review a lot of apps, and always try to mention things like this in the review. I also maintain lists of my favourite apps, so if you’re looking for good things for a 2 year old this would be a good starting point:

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