Lumilove Penguin Review and Giveaway!

We were sent a Lumiove Penguin from Pabobo to review after previously reviewing the Barbapapa. Rocket has taken ‘Pablo’ to bed with him every night since we received him back in July last year and even came on holiday with us!

The Lumilove Penguin, affectionately named ‘Pengy’ is essentially the same as the Barbapapa but with a delightful twist, it’s musical!!! It plays the special Pababo lullaby to your little one on a timer for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes is up and the music has finished the light stays on providing a soft glow of light all night thats comforting to your little person. The music is easily turned back on by holding the button on the base of the Penguin down for 2 second or simply turned of by a quick press of the same button.

Rocket knows that Pablo and Pengy are part of his night time routine now and will climb into bed and ask for us to turn on the lullaby. At first I was wear as to if he would like the music but he really does. It’s not loud, just soft enough to comfort baby and he even can turn the music back on himself in the night if he wakes up. In the morning when I get him from his room he goes and collects Pengy to go back on charge for the day, ready for up to 11 hours of use the next night.

The Lumilove Penguin will automatically light up when removed from its charging base and also if there is a power cut, so serves as a handy comforting light in that instance too. It is suitable from birth as it uses LEDs meaning the plastic never heats up and is perfectly safe against baby’s skin.

I’m incredibly thankful for this little guy as he has helped settle an otherwise stubborn 2 year old into a sleeping routine and I know if he wakes in the night he has a familiar little penguin next to him!

Watch Rocket with his Lumilove Penguin on YouTube here.

Pabobo have kindly donated a Lumilove Penguin to one of my lovely readers, all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this musical critter is leave a comment below telling me what your child’s favourite comforter/toy is and tweet the following:

‘I want to win a Lumilove Penguin with @TheMummyLife

I shall select a winner at random on Friday 4th May at 12pm!

I asked people on Twitter to pick a number between 1-17 randomly and the first person to get back to me was @plasticrosaries and she picked number 3!

So going by her selection, the winner is….. @liveotherwise!! Congrats Jax!


20 thoughts on “Lumilove Penguin Review and Giveaway!

  1. My little one’s favourite comforter is Bernard… An old battered dolly that used to belong to her older sister who is now almost 14. It is the ugliest thing ever, old & been biro’d, but she absolutely loves it.

  2. My daughter has a teddy that her big sister bought for her when she was born, she always snuggles down with him at bedtime

  3. My 5yo still takes his battered old rabbit everywhere, originally from jojo maman we have bought a few over the years, but they have stopped selling them:-( still got the first one saved, but have occassionly had to swap them (+ lost one in ikea!) & have found a few on eBay. He is none the wiser πŸ™‚

  4. Betsy has a scruffy cow called moo and a little rabbit called spinny-round

    Oscar has a blue star blanket and a little jaffy giraffe!

    Great comp! Betsy (2) occasionally sufferes nightmares and night terrors so I think this little fella will offer some reassurance when nasties in the night disturb her sleep.

    She’s also started night toilet training so this little dude could light her way to the toilet!

  5. My 10 month old daughter hasn’t become attached to anything at all but her older brother loved his little cuddly blankets made of Minky Fabric. x

  6. Oh I so want to win this, although not sure which little critter would get it, both bubba’s have seahorses, works so well for Rara but not so great for Miss Addy who keeps having night terrors so maybe this would help.
    Love the gorgeous picture of Rocket.
    I have tweeted too chick xxx

  7. All three of my Small Ones have a Noo-noo. The first was bought for my oldest when she was born (a Kaloo pink and cream bunny) and she’s kept it with her every night ever since! As she loved it so much we carried on the tradition with our other two – one has a similar Kaloo bunny (pink and blue) and the other a Kaloo teddy (green and orange) πŸ™‚ @pipersky1

  8. Until now, despite encouragement and a tonne of cuddly creatures, Beans has never adopted a comforter. Last week her granny brought her a new blanket for her cot and she LOVES it. Typical that she’s chosen something big enough to cover a king size bed! :p
    I’ve wanted one of these for her for ages – night terrors + a toddler who is scared of the dark = bad nights!

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