Nursery Success!

This morning I was a mixed bag of emotions taking Rocket to nursery for the first time, but mostly excitement for him knowing how much fun he was going to have and finally getting weekly interaction with other littlies!

When we got to the toddler room I wasn’t quite sure how her was going to react, would he be clingy? would he cry? would he grab on for dear life?? as it turns out, none of the above! As soon as he saw the doors to the garden were open (and we are talking within 30 seconds) he was out and going down the slide with the biggest smile on his face! I was shocked!

I stayed about 10 minutes talking to his key worker and spying through the patio but not once did he come to find me and as I was leaving he was happy painting and drawing with one of the staff so at least I could go home confident that he was enjoying himself.

When I went to pick him up he saw me through the door before I even got to the handle and as I walked in he threw his arms around my neck the tightest he could and kissed me on the lips!

He was apparently as good as gold and really had a good time with the other children and playing outside (which I knew he would love as he’s an outdoorsy boy) He painted as well and when I was there he was showing me all the toys and blowing everyone kisses. The staff were tickled that he shakes their hands to say hello and they all were commenting on how polite he is 🙂

They also make healthy lunches and he apparently ate the majority of his spag bol, sweetcorn and garlic bread with angel delight whip for dessert) which really surprises me as he’s a terror at home when it comes to eating, i’m hoping he learns to eat better by watching the other children!

I put him in the car and within 2 minutes he was asleep so I transferred him to his bed for a nap and i’m soon to go wake him so I can have another cuddle as I missed him!

All in all a fantastic first experience and i’m now confident to leave him there when he starts next week! (two afternoons a week)


2 thoughts on “Nursery Success!

  1. Yippee I knew he would love it just from meeting him Monday. He loves to play with other kids and I am so pleased with the eating, you will have him eating like a star before long x

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