Rocket starts nursery TOMORROW

I’d be lying if I wasn’t a bit scared. I don’t think I’ve ever been in this house alone without him and it’s going to take some getting used to being free to do the housework without tantrums!

I’m going to miss him so much for the short hours he will be away but I know it’s going to do us both the world of good. I need the break to pace myself and do things in my own time and he desperately needs to be around other children and learn. He’s so bright and active, I’m positive within a few weeks there his speech will flourish.

I’m actually really looking forward to him being sent home with pictures he’s done for the fridge, it’s one of the things all mummies look forward to I think!

So tonight I’m going to sleep knowing my little baby is taking the next step in growing up. I guess il let you know how the first day goes tomorrow and if I even leave the carpark!



2 thoughts on “Rocket starts nursery TOMORROW

  1. When I took Adam to nursery for the first time in September, it was so hard! I was in tears and very nearly didn’t leave him but within a week he was completely settled in and loving it. Now he has his own little harem of girls who adore him – every time I pick him up, he’s surrounded! 🙂

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