My Fear of Parks

I knew that at some point Rocket was going to hurt himself in some way but at the same time I didn’t want to believe it. However that time came the other day. We had a fantastic time walking around the local lake and discovering things, Rocket was in his element outdoors and I got some fantastic pictures.

On we went to the park by the lake, which happened to be covered in small shingle like stones, Rocket went face first into cutting his top lip (between his nose and lips) and grazed his nose and hands. Cue panic from mummy and daddy and running back to the car with blood pouring from our little guys face. It was horrible and I felt so guilty but I know that it’s going to happen many more times over the years and I had to be reminded that it’s jut life and growing up, I can”t wrap my baby up in cotton wool. ( I was all up for sending him to the park in a hockey mask and helmet for the rest of his life!)

Do you have a fear of parks? How do you get over the mummy fear??


2 thoughts on “My Fear of Parks

  1. I don’t think you get over the fear ever lovely,my Mom says everytime she sees an ambulance she still panics. I think you just realise that 99.9% of the time it is just cuts and grazes and within a couple of weeks it shall all be forgotten, for the kids most of the times they forget by the next day xx

  2. Poor Rocket!
    I don’t have a fear of Parks but I definitely have OCD about risks.
    Hubby is forever telling me I’m being silly when I moan that “Sam could…..”
    I guess that after 10 years of writing risk assessments, I am just always one step ahead when it comes to the possibilities.
    That said, accidents will always happen, so I vote we both take a deep breath and let them enjoy life.
    I’m sure their happy memories will outweigh their accidents in the grand scheme of things xx

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