Rowse #BusyBees Project!

It’s no secret that i ADORE bees, I love everything about them and spring and summer are my favourite seasons as you see loads flying around the garden (much to Aaron’s hate! – he’s not a fan of bees or wasps).

I thought I would share with you a project that the lovely people over at Rowse have started.

Here's my message on a lovely flower! Thanks Rowse!

For every message thanking the bees and saying why you love them on the Rowse Facebook Page or on Twitter that uses the hashtag #BusyBees, Rowse will plant a bee friendly plant. ‘ right! a personal plant with your message on and they will post the pictures HERE so you can see your own messages!

So far *at 14.35 on 04/04/12 there have been 62 bee friendly flowers planted! Think of all the scrummy honey that is going to be made from the flowers nectar!

If you head over to the Facebook Pageyou can find out all sorts of interesting facts about the bees, see photos of the flowers that have been

planted and submit your own thank you!


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