Getting into the Spring of things!

As i’m sitting here the sun is flooding through the bedroom window and I have my windows and patio door fully open airing out the house. It’s a well known face that I adore spring, it’s my favourite season and makes everything seem better!

Yesterday, Aaron and I went to the local garden center and bought some patio cleaner so Aaron could give it a scrub and get rid of the remnants of winter and generally give it a freshen up. We also got a small blackcurrant and blackberry plant to put at the back of the garden to grow (I have never grown them before so have no idea what to expect or how quickly they will grow!) so I am excited!

I can’t wait for the council to come collect the old sofa and wooden bench that is stored in the garden, will create so much more space. We just need to book the slot then for £22 they will collect up to 5 items so maybe we will use this for a proper clean out!

Both Rocket and I have viral Laryngitis and have been coughing away for a week now but as its viral there’s nothing the doctor can do so its a wait it out kinda deal. I feel mostly bad for Rocket because in the last 2 weeks he’s had croup, conjunctivitis, steroids, antibiotics and now laryngitis! Poor scrap!

In our fresh spring up we were sent a lovely V&A bedding set called Chinese Porcelain from Palmers Department Store which is lovely and summery and I like it because its double sided and has pretty stripes on the underside.

I am loving being out in the garden with Rocket, he loves the fresh air like all children do so now I’m trying to keep the patio doors open most of the time so he can come and go without being stuffed up inside all day. I remembered the suncream too 😉 as he’s my little ginger prince he can burn just hearing the word sunshine!

2 thoughts on “Getting into the Spring of things!

  1. Yeah, I love Spring too. Glad you are getting to enjoy outside.
    Love the bed linen very pretty, cheer up the soul.
    You should put them on Freecycle may save you £22 xxx

    • I would have freecycled if they were in decent condition but the sofa is snapped in half and has been outside since the snow and the wooden bench is missing a leg as it rotted off (very very old wood) lol so unfortunaty they are destined for the tip 😦 xx

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