Bootsale Bargains!

I am so so pleased the weather is picking up as our local Boot-sale is up and running and getting busy again! I love nothing more than setting myself a limit (this time was £10) and heading off to see what treasures we can get! (Mostly for Rocket)

We managed to pick up an ELC toy car garage for £4! other than superficial dust and dirt that can be cleaned, its stickers were all perfect and it had all its bits, it just needed a new set of batteries and is now like a new toy! I am very pleased about this!

Rockets daddy found him an ELC toy camera, batteries working and in good condition for £1!!!! being the son of 2 photographers, that’s made our day!

We also got an In The Night Garden wooden toy clock which has the numbers and clock hands and spins round, Rocket loves this and we picked that up for a nifty £2!

Aaron picked up a couple of WORKING super 8 cameras, with original mechanical timer and remote so he is happy too!

The thing I love about Boot-sales is being able to get decent toys for Rocket (after a good wash and usually a new set of batteries) he’s able to have a variety of things that we could no way afford new and he knows no different. In fact, i’m hoping he grows to love thrifty living too and start the cycle of recycling his toys to other children before he gets new ones.

All in all a good day! Shattered now!


3 thoughts on “Bootsale Bargains!

  1. Wow fab bargains. £4 for the garage amazing. I love the booties but I have little patience anymore to look. I don’t know why. Love selling at them too. We are heading off with a car full of stuff on 14th. Yippee.

  2. WOWWWWW £4! i paid £10 for georgias whichis just under half the price of them in the shops.I sold on again as she didn’t play with it much. But she is now in to happyland bits and always on the look out for some of them at bargin prices. And decent story books(manly the ones i read at school as Child.
    BUT we spent yesterday at a local car boot and it was bigger than we ever seen it think the good weather had brought everyone out. BUT sadly we didnt find any bargins other than a 1982 annul for my brother in laws 30th birthday and some very nice home made pies which we munched as we walked around and a massive jar of pickled eggs for my darling hubby which it opend as soon as bought lol Didnt help with the clock change we go there a bit late as well.
    BUT we have a loft full of stuff that we have boxed up for carboot now the nice weather in in tow i think we should think about getting clear of it 🙂 xxx

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