Busy Week and some Blogging guests!

The past week has been busy here, wev’e had hospital appointments, doctors appointments and visitors! Rocket is still a bit unwell though the antibiotics have helped enormously this past week.

I have seen the dietician and am now trying to eat more frequently as that was mainly where I was going wrong. I have to go back in 4 months and then hopefully I can then start the process of reapplying for the surgery I want!

After trying to concieve for 5 months and no luck, my periods have competely stopped, im now day 67 or something and I have never been this late before and as the blood test didn’t show the cause I am being scheduled for an ultrasound to have a good look round.

We had a lovely visit from Vic and her boys during the week, was fantastic to see them and I know it’s such a long drive to do in a day but we all had a lovely afternoon and Rocket had a blast playing with T and A, though he seemed to like playing more with T as he is older and I think little ones look up to the bigger ones more!

Then yesterday we had Jax and her brood over, including 2 week old Tigerboy! I took loads of pictures (I know, I’m obsessed!) he is the most adorable little bundle ever! I had a lovely day chatting with Jax whist the littleuns played together. Littlest speaks so much more compared to Rocket, with only a 3 month difference in age but I guess girls speak quicker than some boys. I have actually noticed him trying to talk more since they went home! funny hey?!

So yes! other than that, we are expecting Rockets Grandad over to stay the weekend as it’s his birthday on monday and we have been busy making Easter/Birthday cards!


2 thoughts on “Busy Week and some Blogging guests!

  1. That’s the trouble with being the older kid – all the younger ones (“babies”, he calls them) want to play with you.

    Was lovely to see you again – will have to do it again soon. x

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