Kiddy – Guardian Pro 2 – Review

Because of my Hyper-mobility Syndrome, I suffer with certain areas of childcare like taking Rocket out alone in the car, he is an incredibly strong little boy and getting him into his car seat with a 5 point harness was causing a lot of pain and tears for both me and him. I was at the point where I had resigned myself to the fact I’d have to stay indoors unless accompanied for help with Rocket and that idea made me sad.

When Kiddy sent us their new Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 car seat, I was fascinated with the design. The Pro 2 will grow with your child from the age of 9 months to 12 years and instead of the usual straps it has the original Kiddy Impact Shield which is like a bolster that goes over the child’s legs and chests holding them in.

When I first put Rocket in it I was expecting a struggle to get the Impact Shield in place whilst I plugged the belt in but he was fantastic and I think it makes him feel more grown up as he will happily climb in to his seat and lift his arms up whilst I put the Impact Shield in place. He sees it as his little ‘table’ and rests his arms on it, he has much more freedom to move his arms and shoulders whilst I am happy knowing he is so much more secure in the seat.

When it comes to plugging in the belt and securing the Impact Shield it couldn’t be easier for me, I suffer with problems in all my joints from my Hypermobility Syndrome and I still find this easy as although you still need to lean over to feed the belt round and plug in, it takes the pressure off of struggling with the child and fighting to get the buckle in. Rocket has been such an angel in the car since we got this seat, not just getting in and out but also the journeys seem so much more pleasant and I put that down to the comfort of the seat.

– The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 is extremely lightweight! I have no problems lifting in in and out of the car sometimes I have bad days when I am unable to drive. Before, I would have to stay home as I couldn’t move his old car seat into other peoples cars as it was secured and fiddly but with the Pro 2 you simply put it in place and its held in by the car seat belt so I was able to go out with my mother in law with ease and peace of mind that Rocket was safe and happy. You can also take the seat on airplanes!

I love the fact the seat is totally adjustable and grows with your child, it also has a booster cushion and the material is breathable and comfy for little people. One of the other big comfort pluses is it holds Rockets head comfortably. In his last seat it was so open that if he fell asleep he would fall to the side meaning if we did have an accident it could have caused serious neck or head injury but the Guardian Pro 2 cushions support his little head in place keeping his neck and spine safe.

The Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 does recline allowing your child to have total comfort during long drives, that’s the only thing we haven’t been able to do as we have a teeny car but the action is simple.

All in all this is hands down (and hand on heart) the best car seat I have ever seen, it’s beautiful to look at, comfortable, safe, durable and long lasting and best of all, it has given me confidence and strength to take Rocket out alone again! If you do suffer from neck or back pin or a similar condition to mine then its definitely worth spending the pennies to have such peace of mind and freedom.

Safety Features :

Original Kiddy Impact Shield, Optimised Geometric design of the lateral areas, New Kiddy Shock Absorber, High- Tech Material.

Comfort Features :

One-Hand Height and width adjustment, integrated diagonal seat-belt guide, foldable and removable insert cushion, snooze position, 3 stage leg extension, Breathable Thermotex fabric, durable cover, use in Aircraft.

Find out more about Kiddy HERE . Kiddy are also on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

We received the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 free for purposes of review, all opinions and words are our own.



5 thoughts on “Kiddy – Guardian Pro 2 – Review

  1. Genuinely thrilled it is such a success. We love ours too but I’m always nervous recommending something to other people so am really, really pleased it worked out so well. Little man looks like he’s pretty pleased with it too!

    • I’m usually nervous recommending too but it really has helped me so I believe it can help others with similar problems to at least lower the amount of pain they experience when putting their littleones in the car. Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When I was little my mom had a carseat sent over from the states as they still didn’t really exist in the UK, this is exactly what they were like but heavy and pleather. My Mom used it with all 4 of us, I remember my baby brother loving it, I always worry about whiplash in a car accident though ? He does look very comfy, really informative review x

    • They are very safe, the cushion at the front comes all the way up to his chest and his head it secure in place, i find it alot more safe than his old seat ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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