A consultants visit.

I’ve finally been able to sit and write, I’ve got so many posts I need to do which I will catch up on next week but I wanted to write down what happened with my consultants appointment on Thursday first.

I had been waiting months to see my consultant, especially as the pain has been so much worse and now with my arms and hands going numb I was so worried that something sinister was going on. I usually take Rocket with me to my appointments as I have no childcare but seeing as this was such an important appointment for me to explain what’s going on, Aaron kindly swapped his day off so he could take care of the little monkey.

So basically I told her what was going on and how everything had been hurting so bad and alot worse than they had ever been, it all flooded out, so much so that I tripped up what I was saying and my words jumped around as I was trying not to forget anything ( I usually come away and think ‘crap, I should have mentioned that’)

Summing up the appointment, she thinks I have Fibromyalgia, brought on by my Hypermobility Syndrome but to diagnose it officially they need to rule out other problems that could be potentially causing the symptoms I have, so she has scheduled an MRI scan on my neck to see what’s causing the numbness and tingling in my hands and arms.

She also prescribed a new drug, which I’d never heard of before that they use to treat epileptics. It’s called Pregabalin or in America, Lyrica. The way it works is by blocking some of the nerves that cause pain ( calms them down ). I’ve only been taking them a day but I seem to have some horrid side effects so far as my legs and calf muscles are twitching like no ones buisness! I’ve also been feeling like my face is sunburnt and my skin feels fluey. I rang te doctor and she said to take one a day instead of two for a few days til my body gets used to them but after 6 weeks il be taking up to 6 of these tablets a day alongside my cocodamol and tramadol.

Last night and all of today I have spent in bed not able to move as my back has been so unstable, it clicks everytime I move causing incredible soreness and the only thing other than the pain meds that seems to help is heated beanbags which I’ve got constantly behind my back at the moment.

So all in all not a good week, but I am looking forward to the warmer weather as one of my triggers is the cold so spring should bring some relief at least!


6 thoughts on “A consultants visit.

  1. I have both epilepsy and fibromyalgia, and all I can say is try to stick with the meds. They do generally get better but it does take a bit of time and they can make you feel rough. And good luck 🙂

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