And so it begins…

The terrible twos!!

Today was Rocket’s second birthday and what a day! I’m fully aware that at the age of 2 you don’t really know that its your ‘birthday’ but we did our very best to give Rocket a fun day (we even dared the local soft play center in HALF TERM) which in itself was a dangerous idea!

Amongst the 3’000 children that were let loose without parents supervising and the 5 year olds climbing on top of the playhouse in the under 4’s section was my little handsome man just taking the world in! He finds other children fascinating and hilarious at the same time, its awesome to watch!

After he had worn himself out (and me, daddy, Auntie Amy and her mum!) we went to the cafe and opened presents and had a drink before heading back to my parents to celebrate with a Chinese takeaway and more presents! Rocket ended up still being awake at 9:30pm before finally giving in and sleeping (must have been the amount of chocolate cake and sweets he had!).

Oh and apparently blowing out candles at 2 is quite a skill and one to say I’m proud he has!! (I should probably stop giving him his dinner too hot as that’s where he has learnt the blowing hahaha 😉 )

So on to another exciting year with my little man and i cannot wait to see what 2 holds!

Happy 2nd Birthday Rocket!


If you would like to see what happened on Rockets FIRST birthday, look HERE.

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