Cybher Meet and Greet

I’m really excited to not only be going to Cybher this year but to be part of the Cybher team!  I thought it would be good to take part in the meet and greet so you all know what I look like! (right now 😉 )

The lovely Sian has set up a linky for you to join in and see who else is coming, so do link up! and you can get yoursef a lovely badge HERE 🙂


Name : Laura Weight
Twitter ID : @TheMummyLife

Height : 5’6″
Hair : really short and in a mohican 😉 at the moment. Hopefully longer by may and who knows what colour!!

Five things you should know about me…
1. I’m co- director of a production company, Xtreme Productions.
2. I’m addicted to olives and salt popcorn.
3. I’m also slightly addicted to Instagram and editing pictures!
4. I’m trying for another baby so Luke will have a brother or sister (or going by my past history possibly twins!!)
5. I’m very trusting and like to see the good in everybody!


Looking forward to seeing you all!


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