Life in HD

I had been putting of getting glasses for years, especially over the last year I have had problems but too scared to go get checked out. I could’nt hide forever so went to the opticians and ended up with a prescription for my right eye, which is slightly short sighted. I only really have to wear them for driving long distance or watching films/on the computer as my right eye is lazy and my left eye struggles to work for them both!

As scary as it was I love my new glasses, it is strange to me to have them on my face but i’m getting used to them slowly. The biggest difference is I used to upset Aaron as I coudn’t tell the difference between DVD and Blu Ray, it was just not that sharp to me despite him insisting on how crisp Blu ray was!! At the time I didn’t think my eyes were THAT bad… just there was no difference lol

So we sat down to watch Despicable Me on Blu Ray and I was amazed! the difference was astounding, so much I got told off as I was constantly moving my glasses up and down to see the difference in the picture! Im glad I made myself get glasses, I now see in HD šŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Life in HD

  1. You know that having differing eyesight in each eye is part of being bendy? My right eye is far worse than the left (which will cope without my glasses on but boy does my head hurt!) – it’s part of the muscles/connective tissue not working together properly! They look fab!!

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