Night 4 of NO cot…

So if youv’e seen me on Twitter or Facebook over the last few days you will know that after my last post, Rocket fell out of his cot yet again and that was it, the decision to move from a cot to a bed was taken out of my hands and as soon as Aaron got home we got about putting the cot away and clearing out the room to make it even more toddler friendly.

I was so nervous to take this step, I wasn’t ready and felt I was being forced into it – I could’nt leave Rocket to fall out again and potentially cause himself damage so I sucked it up and with Aaron’s calmness got on with the task of walking him to bed every 5 minutes.

We had 3 hours of crying, screaming, hitting things, light switches on and off and generally trashing the place but after that, around 11pm he finally crashed and slept IN his bed until 7am the next morning! Success! Or so I thought! We haven’t had it easy…. today is night number 4 I believe? and we are still fighting with him and basically having to wait until he is so exhausted that he flakes out. Last night was 1am…. I found him sitting bolt upright next to his baby gate with his blankie covering his head. Again at nap-time today he was sitting up by his gate fast asleep!

Once he’s asleep and in the bed he’s fine and tends to sleep through (which I’m very thankful about) but its the winding down that takes ages and he doesn’t stop!!!

How did your little ones transition go? Am I doing it it wrong?


4 thoughts on “Night 4 of NO cot…

  1. Hang in there – I’ve seen all the toddler tv programmes and you have to be consistant until he gets it (apparently). As I told you – I wasted the best part of a year’s worth of evenings lying in bed with DD until she fell asleep. I hope your way works much faster. Good luck.

  2. Due to living in a tiny flat on a tight budget Ashleigh didn’t get a bed until her third birthday! She’s always been a bit of a wuss and didn’t try climbing out of it until she was big enough to do it safely, and by the time she got her bed she was so grown up it was just really exciting. Good luck and really try to persevere. If you give in you’re just creating a rod for your own back (as they say). x

  3. Hang in there honey. He is pushing you, testing you. Stay firm and you will all be thankful of the boundaries that you put in place later down the line.
    You are doing great. xx

  4. We took the sides off Zachary’s cotbed at 18 months and haven’t had any problems. He is a very active sleeper, so we put a bedguard up at the head end and he doesn’t fall out. He loves the freedom of being able to get out of bed all by himself and wander in to our bedroom in the morning.

    I doubt Rocket is testing you, he’s probably just nervous of his bed, especially if he’s never seen it before. Personally I would pop a mattress down and sleep next to him until he becomes comfortable with it, but it’s been a few months since you posted this, so I hope Rocket is happy sleeping in his bed now. 🙂

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