The end of the cot??

This lunch time was going like any other routine wise, when the rubbing of the eyes came around I started the wheels turning for nap time…

After setting up Little Einsteins for Rocket to watch I proceeded to leave the room and shut the door like normal though today he seemed unhappy with this idea and cried a little when I left. I thought he would calm down as normal so came to sort laundry out when I heard and almighty THUD, followed by some loud screaming.

I rushed back into his room to find him on the floor after what I can only imagine is he fell head first out of the travel-cot. He is fine, although a little shaken, as was I! After carefully examining his head for a bump and not finding one I gave my grizzly little boy some calpol and hot milk and now he’s settled back in his cot (with a duvet bundled up on the side).

I’m actually lucky I got this far without this happening before, hes a little daredevil anyway and seeing as my brother climbed out of his cot at 9 months we didn’t do too badly. But the idea of training him to sleep in a bed absolutely terrifies me! The cot is the only 4 walls that holds him in! I’m scared of him not understanding the boundaries of a proper bed, especially as he’s 2 in a couple of weeks time, he just trashes the place!

We have a baby gate on his room now, we don’t have stairs to worry about but the thought of a free range baby in the night scares me.

I’m absolutely clueless as to where to start so any advice on successfully switching from a cot to a bed would be most welcomed. As I fear its on the cards sooner rather than later!


4 thoughts on “The end of the cot??

  1. Ha! How timely!! I am working from my parents’ house today. Just been in to check on my supposed to be napping, but very much awake and crying tinkerous toddler… who was no longer in the travel cot, but standing up on the bed next to it! So I’ll be keeping a close eye on the comments here to see what tops tips there are for the big change over!!

  2. Eek, I’m terrified of this happening because we have a little climber too. I wouldn’t know where to start with the transition to a big boy bed though so I can’t really offer any advice, although if he is going to climb a toddler bed with one of those side guard might be safer.
    Loving the new look by the way ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  3. I love your new blog design btw. Back on topic – for the first year that DD was out of her cot (17 months when she learned to climb out until almost 2 1/2) I stayed with her until she fell asleep in the bed. It was the biggest waste of time every evening and often I’d fall asleep with her at 8pm and wake up at 1 am – a whole evening down the drain. I felt she was just too young to be put into bed and have me walk out. Anyway she would follow me. I was so happy at almost 2 1/2 when I decided she was old enough to understand the concept of staying in bed while mummy goes to the other room to work. There are evenings when I have to do the Tanya Byron thing and keep putting her back and shutting the door for 3 minutes, but generally she’s with the programme. So you may have about half a year of hell unless you are more ruthless than I was.

  4. Chick was an absolute demon and often ended up sleeping against the stairgate when she’d cried herself to sleep. That’s when my grey hair and lines started!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ x

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