– Review

Lattemama is a fantastic collection of individual and funky clothes made my designers from Sweden and gathered together to one space by a lovely lady I met on Twitter a while back.

I had never had anything other than mainstream clothing for Rocket and when I was sent some lovely pieces of clothing to try out I quickly fell in love with the simple yet fresh designs and the quality of the fabric.

We were sent a ‘matching set’ which is available separately but works amazing together.

the ‘Monkey’ long sleeved shirt from LipFish is a gorgeous bright leaf green with a felt feeling monkey which stands right out and the tail comes out seperate making it fun and interactive for the little one wearing it! The top is incredibly soft and you can feel how much care has gone into creating a fantastic piece of clothing. The top is £27 and can be purchased from the boys section on the website.

Along with the money top we have the ‘striped lime tights’ which I ADORE!! they are the same shades of green so compliment the monkey top perfectly and these ‘leggings’ are unisex and make the best playtime clothes as they are incredibly soft and flexible which allow your crawling or running around lattebaby all the freedom they need! I tend to use these as lounge around clothes for comfort and he has even worn them to bed a few times too! You can get these from the website for £15.

After a few months ‘wear and tear’ with an *almost* 2 year old I can honestly say that if you buy these you will not be disappointed! Rockets have been through the wash time and time again at 40degrees and tumble dried too and the fabric has stayed as new as the day he first put them on, no fading, no bobbling nothing. Even my husband was impressed at the quality and he’s not really into clothes 😉 . So they definitely get The Mummy Life seal of approval!




We also chose the ‘Bat’ long armed vest which is £18. It has a white Eco and fair-trade printed body covered in adorable prints of purple stars and bats and comes in sizes Newborn or 1-2 years and is by the designer Sture and Lisa.

I absolutely adore this piece and it works brilliantly with dungarees too for a fun twist!

If you’d like to check out this wonderful collection then head to the WEBSITE or find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.



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