My Favourite age so far….

 and yes it’s one of the most challenging!

My little man will be 2 years old in one months time and reflecting back over the different age stages I have to say this is my favourite.

The last week or so he has started talking more, out of the blue and will copy what you say or at least try! Something I never thought would happen!

He’s cheeky, naughty, fun, playful and my goodness his laugh sends us into fits of hysterics every time! He knows how to get our attention and what makes us tick.

My best part is he’s the perfect helper at the moment! He turns the lights on and off for us, fetches things, helps clean up (I guess I should make the most of it as being a boy that won’t last long! 😉 )

I’m so proud of my little man for catching up and being so intelligent as he is, you would never in a million years guess he was prem, even though I was told by the doctors to count his adjusted age until 2, he’s fine!

I can’t wait til he has a brother or sister, i’m so excited to see him bond with a sibling. No baby news on the front yet but its only been 2 months so there’s plenty of time to get a 2012 baby *fingers crossed*.

So yeah, i’m just having a lucky mummy moment and whilst sloppily gazing into my handsome boys eyes I could burst with pride!



7 thoughts on “My Favourite age so far….

  1. Awww I love how your post sent me right back to Little Bean at that age although I do agree with Midlife Singlemum, every age is the best age. Even on the bad days I love her for her stubbornness! I really enjoyed this post xx

  2. Soak up that two year old loveliness and take as much video as you possibly can because you do forget just how cute and funny and innocent they were.
    I transferred all my old video (tapes) to my computer over the holidays and I am so pleased that I have them – just for the little things like a saying or a cute look.
    Fingers crossed for you on the baby front my very lovely friend.
    New layout looks fab.

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  4. Aw, lovely post! Our daughter, the Tinkerous Toddler turned two, two weeks ago today. Totally get what you mean about the suddenness of them starting to talk loads and repeat what you say, it is truly amazing. I hear the age between 2 and 3 is an absolute corker, so far so fabulous!

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