The Post-Christmas Spring Clean.

Now that Christmas has past (and what a fantastic family centered Christmas it was) the time had come for me to sort out a big chunk of old clothes, toys and various objects that had accumulated over the past 9 months since we have been in our new property.

Looking into our bedroom and knowing Rockets daddy was at work I made a start on the ever increasing amounts of piles and random boxes.

So far, in one afternoon I now have a massive black bag full of rubbish and another equally large bag full of baby toys, clothes, adult clothes etc… I would like to look into different options like charities and possibly my local hospital for donation of some bigger toys – however I had read a status of a friend on facebook saying that their local hospital wont accept used toys, only brand new… There re also  a few playgroups near me that I could check out too.

I love having a clean out, it helps clear my mind also and now that Rocket is growing up and no longer using a good portion of what he has it feels good that others can benefit from them.

Do you recycle or donate your children’s toys?


3 thoughts on “The Post-Christmas Spring Clean.

  1. I’ve been doing exactly the same thing! I started because I need space for all the bits Boo got for Christmas and I’ve realised that I’ve never really gone through her stuff before. There’s so much that she’s too big for now really. I agree, it feels good to have a good sort out.
    Will you let me know if you find anywhere to donate to? I was going to look but I’m not sure where to start to be honest!x

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