The Mummy Life Blog CV

So Jay and Tara have set a task for us to find a photo that sums up our blogs in order to win a fantabulous Bloggers Calendar which they have been working hard on all year since Cybermummy.

It’s hard for me to pick ONE photo as my blog ranges from disability to my little guy … but being the most photographed subject then I guess here it is!

4 Weeks old

My blog officially came about around June 2010 when Rocket was 4 months old. I had blogged on Myspace and Tumblr over the years and had a blog during my pregnancy too so blogging wasn’t new to me but after I had been on Twitter for about a year and met some great people I decided to join the blogging community.

I started on WordPress and couldn’t work it so moved to Blogger and then recently just after Cybermummy this year I made the move back to WordPress self hosted and now have the (in the process of getting my blog designed)

My blog is a place that I use to document a premature baby, Rocket growing up and also how I cope with having Hyper-mobility Syndrome and a toddler!

Soon *hopefully* the blog will evolve as we are starting to TTC for number 2! So many more exciting things ahead.


5 thoughts on “The Mummy Life Blog CV

  1. 🙂 gd luck with ttc No2. We are also ttc no 2.
    Rocket and pickle were due week apart wonder if no2s will catch around same time?!? X
    love reading ur blogs hun. ur anamzing friend who i meet throu a mum forum u hope we will keep in touch for many yrs tocome. x

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