Only a few days to go!

So it’s the count down to the second Christmas day with my little man and my family and everything is set ready for a day full of excitement! Rocket has the best present hidden by my parents tree and come Christmas day I shall be watching his cheeky smile as I know he will be thrilled!

We had a visit from Rockets grandma the last few days which he enjoyed. He is really a social butterfly now and it doesn’t take long for him to come out of his shell. It was nice to take him to the park with her and he seemed to really enjoy it.

His speech is coming along in leaps and bounds now. I can remember a time that I thought he would never talk! now his favourite word seems to be ‘no’! but it comes with kisses and cuddles so I will let him off 😉

In the last few weeks I have noticed his memory has improved too. Thanks to my dad the other day in a restaurant he now said “ready, steady, GO” a lot which makes me laugh and also he takes me by the hand to show me things and watching his face in amazement as he discovers new things like snow is wonderful to see.

Can’t wait for this weekend! Hope you all have an amazing Christmas if I’m not on before. Stay safe!


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