Early Christmas Present!

I haven’t been able to blog properly recently because of the lack of a fully working laptop which has caused pain with how long I was able to sit and type at. So for months now iv’e been sparse as constantly blogging from my phone wasn’t as versatile as i’d like!

Lo and behold my wonderful parents turned up (bearing sausage and chips no less) and came sat down for a chat and I didn’t think anything of it when they said they’d left some ‘biscuits’ inΒ  the car and popped out to get them. When I came back into the lounge there it was just resting there… my NEW LAPTOP! all sparkly and fresh!

I love that feeling of when you take something new out of the box and it’s a total blank canvas and this laptop is now dedicated to bogging and social networking – I adore it!

Also, I didn’t chose it myself, my mum did and I couldn’t have chosen better πŸ™‚

So now is the mammoth task of remembering all my sites and log ins and passwords and then after that a complete re haul of my blog, including a fresh design! – I’m so excited!!

So a massive thank you to my mum and dad, you’ve really made my year! XD


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