Show Your Spots!

So today is the annual Children in Need day and we have been out and about meeting Pudsey at Asda and seeing all the wonderful fundraising that’s been going on like yummy cakes and pudsey gingerbread treats!

Rocket has his Pudsey Pj’s on and daddy has his Pudsey Lego!

Have you done anything interesting this year to help raise money for this great cause??

its not too late to donate!! you can donate by clicking the link HERE. There are various ways you can donate, phone, text or over the internet so it’s really easy!

Thankyou so much to everyone that has been kind enough to donate or help raise money, it really helps!

If you would like to see my husbands stop motion video of himself building his Lego Pudsey then watch here 🙂

While you’re in a clicky mood, of my dear friends Sian has been doing her bit for Children In Need! take a look at her blog Sianie’s Sparkles HERE 🙂



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