Mu Cheese – Review

We are a cheese loving family and being sent a new brand of cheese to taste was an exciting prospect, but of course I can’t eat at the moment as I’m in abstinence! so Rocket and his Daddy are reviewing it for me!!

Mu is brand new and has a fun wrapper of cow print making it stand out from other cheeses in the supermarket and as it has fun packaging its more interesting to little people!

It is available in Tescos priced from £2.49p and has a range to choose from including Mu Mild Cheddar, Mu Medium Cheddar, Mu Mature Cheddar, Mu Lighter Mature Cheese, Mu Mature Grated Cheddar and Mu Mature Sliced Cheddar so however you like your cheese there’s a style to suit.

Rockets Daddy and I went ahead and made some yummy cheese straws using the Mu Mature Cheddar and by getting a block of puff pastry and rolling out into strips and placing a slice of Mu on each one before putting into the oven and waiting for the crispy cheesy pastries to emerge! (we also added some ham onto it!)

There’s many interesting things you can make with your little ones and if your kiddies like cooking then why not get them to make their own dinners! Have fun creating a tasty Mu Cheddar pizza with colourful veggies arranged into funny faces?? or how about making mini jacket potatoes using new potatoes and filling with Mu mild cheddar! the options are endless.

Rocket is a cheese fan and was impressed with Mu and has it in sandwiches or cut into easy little sqares for snacks!

What I love about Mu is that it comes in a big resealable packet so you don’t have to worry about your cheese going hard in the fridge and it can be opened and closed time and time again (if your cheese lasts that long 😉 )

Thumbs up from our household!



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