A Legend with limits

A Legend with limits…

That’s how my husband described me last night as I was laying in bed in
too much pain to move.

I’d done it again, done too much and once again was being forcibly
reminded that I can’t do the things I want/need to and not half the
things I used to be able to do.

Yesterday was a fantastic day for me, with my weightloss so far I seemed
to have more energy and an incredible urge to get things done, so I set
out to do those things.

I blitzed our bedroom, throwing away, sorting out, I did laundry (3
loads) hoovered, took Rocket to the park BY MYSELF (this never
happens…) And to top it off I bathed him on my own as his daddy was at
the cinema.

I felt incredibly proud of my efforts, which to others is just a normal
day and nothing special, but to me that was the most I’d been able to do
in months. That was until about 9pm when I could no longer move and had
pain invading my whole body.

So now, the day after my fantastic day, I’m sitting here, unable to move
far, feeling like I’ve run a marathon/gone 10 rounds in a boxing
ring/climbed Everest (take your pick).

I’ve had lengthy conversations with my consultant about my limits, just
one example – hanging washing out for someone without chronic pain is a
breeze, for me it’s a challenge. I know I’m not the only one who has to
deal with this but sometimes it feels like it.

How do you learn to slow down?! I have a household to run, 2 boys (one
big one small) to look after and I’m racked with guilt that I can’t do
the things that I SHOULD be able to do, we married for better or worse
but he is definitely getting the pointy end of the stick.

If anyone with chronic pain or HMS knows how to ‘pace themselves’ then
please let me in on the secret as I can’t seem to slow myself down
(until I get a nasty reminder)

But I suppose I’ll have to learn, to my boys I am a legend…

But a legend with limits.


5 thoughts on “A Legend with limits

  1. I don’t know the answer. I’ve had a bad shoulder/back for the past three weeks (slowly improving) and my response is to get depressed about it. Interestingly, everyone I’ve spoken to this week about it (three different friends) all have some sort of chronic pain themselves that I never knew about (lower back, painful feet, and stomach). I’m beginning to feel very humbled and sorry for all my moaning. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  2. I would say that your body will tell you how fast/slow to go but it doesn’t – it tells you AFTER you have done something ‘normal’ so you will just have to TRY and take things slow.
    I very much hope that when you are down to your goal weight that your body will reward you by not being so painful, we can but hope. x

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