Garden Games Fairy Princess Tent – Review

Last week we were given the opportunity to review a play house tent from the website Garden Games. 

The fairy princess tent arrived by speedy delivery and i was kept informed daily by emails letting me know the whereabouts of the tent whilst it was on route to us.

When we got the package, my mother in law and I decided we would put it together and it was relatively easy following the enclosed instructions, however we left the screws for Rockets daddy to do as there were quite a lot and some man power was needed in this case!

The structure is made of wood and once screwed together it is very sturdy and asthetically, the tent is beautiful. The fabric covering it is high quality and durable which is just what you need with active toddlers!

I love the windows and the door as it has fabric hanging down that can be rolled up and tied to have the windows ‘open’.

Rocket absolutely loves the tent and so should I say does the cat, who tends to sleep in there when Rocket is not busy playing!

The one thing I will say is that you should build the tent in the room it will be used in (it is for outside use also) as it is larger than the door frame so not easily moved unless it is taken apart.

we are delighted with the tent and for the price of £79.99 its a decent playhouse of great quality suitable for a little princess or a prince who is looking for her.

You can purchase the Fairy Princess tent HERE.

*The tent was received free in order to review, this does not affect the review which is 100% honest.





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