Googling yourself

Have you ever stopped to Google yourself? Well over the years I’ve occasionally typed my name or blog name into Google and had a look through what was found and to be honest it never really bothered me. That was until today.

I’ve always been open with putting stuff out there onto the net and uploading pictures of my little one, as a proud mummy I enjoy sharing him and his smile with others but I’ve never really stopped to think about what that meant in the long run.

Upon Googling my own name and searching the images, I was confronted with a map of my life, it was literally like I have left footprints everywhere I have stepped. When googling my sons name, he was the first to come up and the amount of images over time that have been collected over the last 20 months was enough to make me really think about what I post in relation to family.

I love my blog, I love blogging and I love my friends but in the interests of my little guy I think I’m going to have to reign in the amount of pictures I freely put out there. Of course I have my personal Facebook which is fine and it’s sad that I’ve had to come to this decision but the Internet really is a worry when with one click on a search engine can get you information on birth dates, addresses, schools then that’s a bit worrying.

So I urge you to go google yourself if you haven’t before, it’s a real eye opener!


5 thoughts on “Googling yourself

  1. There are ways to minimise this sort of ‘digital footprint’ without stopping using pictures. The reason your son’s photo comes up in Google will be because you’re using his name on the site, and your photos may well be tagged with his name, too.

    When putting photos on your computer save them using file names not including your son’s name “swimming” or “seaside” is better than “James” or “Tom”, for example.

    I personally always use my daughter’s nickname on my blog, and tag her photos with the nickname too – she’s now on the top of the Google results for “Flea” but if you Google her real name, nothing comes up at all – which is reassuring because I don’t want her friends or schoolmates Googling her when she’s 14 and finding embarrassing stories about her as a toddler!

    I also take care not to post photos of us with our address visible, or with her school badge showing – just little things – I’m not especially paranoid, but I just think about protecting her confidentiality where I can, while still being a proud Mum.

  2. I come up once in relation to Midlife Singlemum when I Google my name. Apart from that there are loads of other Rachel Selbys who are not me. Midlife and singlemum bring up my blog which is fine. There is one reference to DD as I once wrote her full mane on my nephew’s blog thaat he wrote when travelling at the time of her birth. I feel we are still pretty ananymous unless one were doing some serious research.

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