Lighterlife -Week 2

Last night was my second weigh in and the scales said…. -5lbs! Taking me to a total of -13lbs in 2 weeks! And I dropped a BMI point too 🙂

This week I have been very up and down and had many moments of ‘am I doing the right thing?’ (of course I am) … ‘ I wish I could eat that…’ or thinking of ways to talk myself out of it! I guess failing would be the easy way out! But I’m determined not to even let that be an option.

As of this morning I weigh 1 stone less! And it’s starting to show and the fact that I’m getting lovely supportive messages from my friends is keeping me going with a positive attitude!

One thing that was/is worrying me still is Christmas and how much food is heavily available and all the tid bits you get.. One one hand il be missing all the yummy bits that only Christmas brings.. But if I stay strong then come January I won’t be panicking about the extra weight I put on over winter and il also look better at family gatherings… I must stay strong! Think of the bigger picture.. I could be wearing a sleeveless top of shorts next summer without looking like a bakery shelf on legs.. As long as I don’t fail.

My back has of flared up, I fear the beginning of winter is already here for me and this is my worst season with all my joints locking up. It had better be not so bad these next few weeks as I have plans for Halloween!

So yeah, that’s my week in a nutshell. Thanks for your confined support, you really can’t realise just how much you are keeping me on track! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Lighterlife -Week 2

  1. What a fantastic result. If you keep it up you’ll be fine on Christmas as you won’t want to spoil it – and you’ll be in the habit of not overesting. I’ve wrenched a muscle or something in my back and have had a very painful week. I kept thinking of you and other friends who live with chronic pain – I am totally in awe as I did not rise to the occasion.

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