1st Week Weigh In and Update

Well last night was my first official weigh in! I was nervous a bit but I knew I’d Lost some already.

Their scales said ….. -8lbs!

Just the boost I needed πŸ™‚ and now I am allowed the bars too, one a day plus 3 food packs.

The group were stunned when I asked for all asparagus soups lol but seriously that’s the only one I can stomach!

I had my first bar and I LOVED it! After no solid food the last week it was nice to chew on something, I’m just sad youre not allowed ALL bars lol! – I tried the crispy peanut and it tasted like a peanut breakfast bar – although il be eating my bars in the evening as my evening ‘treat’ when I’m snuggled up with Aaron watching tv!

I have decided I will post monthly photos rather than weekly as you’ll see more change after a month, although I shall be taking regular weekly pictures for myself.

I’m going to take Rocket to soft play today and let him burn his energy off as he’s been cooped indoors the last few days, then off to see Great Grandma.

Eeekk I’m feeling really positive about the weight loss now πŸ™‚ it’s so good to see that dreaded number go down!


2 thoughts on “1st Week Weigh In and Update

    • will power would be knowing that if i carried on the way i was eating then id be in an early grave and i couldn’t do that to my family. We have a history of heart problems so I dont want to put any more stress on mine, im thrilled that im sticking to it and the best thing is its working πŸ™‚ xx

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