This is not easy….

…. But it’s worth it!

A few of you might already know that I have made the big decision to dramatically lose my weight as I had recently been turned down for the second time for bariatric surgery. I haven’t really made a big deal about Lighter Life other than to close family and friends as I know it is a controversial subject, but it is a choice I have made and if you support me then great but if not then please don’t be writing negative comments as this journey is up to me.

I started the food packs last Tuesday (well, attended group, the packs started on Wednesday) and since then I. Have had NOTHING other than the 4 powder packs a day along with black coffee and 2-3 litres of water.

I have struggled with the packs this week, having been used to high sugar and fatty foods so long then to have to. Have these packs is torture for me lol and I can taste the vitamins in them too – but. Despite that I have done it, it’s only 2 days until my weigh in and I am really positive!

I’m no longer hungry and fitting in the 4 soups is a struggle! I’m looking forward to getting the bars on Tuesday (one a day).

For those that don’t know much about Lighter life, it is perfectly safe and medically run ( I had to have a medical and get doctors permission to join the program and also everyone on the program has to have doctors checks every 4 weeks) I know some people believe it is a bad diet but really it’s just getting healthy quicker.

To say this week has been miserable is an understatement though, I am on antibiotics for a UTI and I have. The first period in 2 months! Ha but my scales still say I’ve lost 6lbs.

I’ve found a need to smell normal foods, it’s strange but everything Aaron eats I have to sniff haha and I’m. Now addicted to my Yankee candle tarts, the most recent favourites being the creamy caramel and the midnight Jasmine!

Oh and when. Is this heatwave meant to leave?!?!

Seriously though, thank you so much to the ladies that have been giving me moral support. On the diet, it means so much to me and you guys have kept me going through this rough week.

I just need to decide if I’m going to post a picture a week or a picture a month?!?! Ideas?


5 thoughts on “This is not easy….

  1. Love the picture of Aaron waiting out the heatwave. In my opinion – photos of you once a month. Weekly won’t show much change even if the pounds have dropped. Good luck – I wish i could find the motivation to start any diet and stick to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to more great results. xxx

  2. Keep going you are doing really really well. Its up to you if weekly or monthly. If weekly you will be able to see how the weight drops off at the end if you see what I mean. Perhaps if you don’t do them for your blog do them for you xxxx

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