Gerrard comes on Luke's first holiday!!!

Many of you will already know about Gerrard, he is the Childcareisfun travelling bear and a right character!

When we decided to book a holiday to Center Parcs at short notice, knowing it was Rockets first ever proper holiday, I asked if Gerrard could accompany us on our trip and was over the moon when we found out he was free this week and soon on his way in the post!

When he arrived he had lots of cuddles and some honey on toast as he had been a tad chilly whilst on his journey but the honey certainly put a smile on that bears face!!

Although we did’nt have any plans til Monday, we decided that a VERY last minute trip to Chessington World of Adventures was in order! Not only did Gerrard get to experience Rockets first holiday but also his first theme park ride too (although he hid in Daddy’s bag as it was a bit wet) Bubbleworks!

Rocket however wasn’t a happy bunny and clung to his daddy the whole way round but when we take him next time i’m sure he will love it!

Gerrard wasn’t quite as tall as he should have been and we caught him climbing up the measuring pole ūüėČ

                                                                                                                                                                                     When the day finally came for us to leave for

 Center Parcs we were all excited and upon arrival Gerrard nearly fell over backwards in delight as the kind folks at Center Parcs had left him not 1 but 2!!!!!! jars of honey!!!!! He was a happy bear indeed!

The forest was a very relaxing place for Luke and Gerrard and they had fun playing together all week and they became inseparable in the Villa, they even napped together!

We had such a wonderful time with Gerrard and we are sad

to see the little guy

 leave but we know he will be going on to have many more adventures with many more families and we loved having him with us!

If you would like to follow Gerrard on his travels then you can follow him on TWITTER and also follow fi and the Childcare is Fun BLOG as well as TWITTER .


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