10 years on.

the following is a poem I wrote almost 10 years ago to the day and it was read out to my school. Ten years on I still remember every chilling word.

A normal day, the sun came out, you’d see lots of people rushing about.

Had to pick up the paper and park the car, no need to worry coz works not far.

The buildings so tall, the buildings so wide, with thousands of people working inside.

Take a trip up the lift to floor 31 not everyone knowing the nightmares begun.

You see a big shadow, the floor starts to shake. You pinch yourself but yes, your awake.

A big explosion above your head and most of your colleagues are already dead.

Do you jump out a window or get crushed alive? What are the chances that you will survive.

Just pray for us please, the people who died and thank you to all the firefighters who tried.


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