Center Parcs in… 7 hours time!

Ok… It may be ten to 5 in the morning, but I’m wide awake and really excited as in the morning we are off on our holiday to Center Parcs!! I adore Center Parcs and the last time we were there was in 2008.

Being able to take Luke on his first proper holiday and have his maternal grandparents there to share it means the world to me (although it would have been great to have his other grandad too, we are seeing him next weekend 🙂 )

The bags are packed! My gosh you end up taking so much stuff with a toddler!! Clothes, bottles, calpol, Swim stuff, toys…. The list continues.

The cameras are charged and ready for action and I’m most certain il be coming home to edit thousands literally!

Eeekk I must curb my enthusiasm and head back to sleep I guess!

I shall tweet the holiday, look out for the hashtag #CPweek for updates!


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