Who Needs Teeth?!

Yesterday was a very spontaneous day. Daddy had been in London seeing his friends and was due to be back in the afternoon but I received a text early on at about 8am asking if I wanted to drive down and meet him at Chessington World of Adventures. After blearily opening my eyes as I hadn’t slept well the night before, I hazily agreed and before I knew it I was driving with a dodgy sat nav down the M25.

It started off as a gorgeous day, but as I arrived it quickly turned into a nightmare. Baking hot, packed and noisy. Of course I was aware it was still the summer holidays but I didn’t take into account that it could be THAT busy.

Rocket was not a happy boy. Crying, whining, over tired, over hot and, well, over teething! So most of the day was spent trying to calm him down. As it turns out, 18 months old is too young to understand that the noise ofthe vampire ride won’t hurt him etc.

We did take him on Bubbleworks, he sat on daddy’s lap and although he cryed out most of the way round, he was at the same time intrigued. I think again we will wait until he can understand before taking him back on any rides.

We didn’t really do much else (apart from tomb blaster) as my back has been not so good and by the end of the day I had remembered why I don’t (can’t) do these things.

The one thing Rocket did Enjoy was the petting zoo and the goats. He liked stroking them!

We were lucky enough to be accompanied by Gerrard the Childcare is fun bear as he is staying with us for the next week, so that was exciting and Rocket seems to love Gerrard already!

Now, after 2 days of Rocket not napping during the day, I’m off to get some sleep so I can get him back into his routine before we hit Center Parcs next week!!


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